Tired of being tired? Then lets stop being tired!

“And in the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.”
~ Abraham Lincoln

Our eating habits and our thoughts contribute a great part in creating a life that we are leading right now. So, here in this article there are certain tips that will help you to lead a life full of energy and enthusiasm. These tips will help you to get yourself out from the dullness of tiredness and will raise you to the light of energy and vitality. A little effort from your side and you will be able to live your life the way you always wanted to live it – to the fullest! So friend lets start, let us get out from the shackles of tiredness and lifeless living, lets become lively again!!:)

The Dos

OK. So first thing, let us take a look at the things that will make your energy levels to soar high. The following if followed will definitely change your life to a new wonderful one. If you will include these simple things in your daily life, you will become aware of the magic they hold.

  • A healthy and nutritious breakfast: kick start your day with a healthy and nutrients filled breakfast. Nothing is as energizing and healthy as a morning dose of healthy food. Many of you give the excuse of lack of time skip the whole breakfast and opt for brunch. Brunch is a big no no! A skipped breakfast is one of the main reasons of tiredness and fatigue. You will be amazed, actually shocked to know the consequences of skipping the breakfast. Overweight, high blood pressure, anxiety, stress, high cholesterol… Gosh!! the list is long so I am not putting it all here. In short it can affect almost every part of yours! So if you are from the group of breakfast skippers, friends, better get out of the group!
  • Water: Drink lots and lots and looooots of water! It supplies your body with the energizing oxygen, it accelerates the activity of metabolism and helps in breaking down the excess fat faster. It helps in giving you a great glowing skin also. Supplying your body with adequate amounts of water keeps it hydrated and prevents it from getting dehydrated. You feel dizzy and tired if you are dehydrated. It would be great if you have a glass of warm water with honey and lemon the first thing in the morning.
  • Workout: Even if you put in 30 minutes from the 1440 minutes you have got in a day for exercise, you will get astounding results. Brisk walk or simple stretching exercises will do. Exercise helps in enhancing the blood circulation and the supply of oxygen through out your body. A good pump of blood and oxygen to the brain helps give a boost to it. It refreshes your mind and you will feel more energetic and fresh.
  • Avoid junk food: I know potato chips and a can of coke is a favorite of everyone. And it is OK if it is once in a while, but when munching on junkies becomes a part of your daily routine, it can be really dangerous. The problem with junk food is that it tastes really good but are also very high in calories and sugar. These are the things that helps you gain weight and the result is obesity which comes with so many other problems. With junk food there is also a high risk of you getting a stroke and you might even develop various gastrointestinal problems. So it is better if you stay away from junkies. But as I said, treating yourself with a chocolate or an ice-cream once in a while is not a bad idea:)
  • Your Thoughts: Your thoughts can tire you! Yes friends if you are constantly thinking negative and tiring thoughts then this will tire you. Thoughts play a very important role in how you feel. It is said that ‘you become what you think’. So fill your mind with positive and cheerful thoughts. Meditation is a very good practice that will help you to retain calmness and serenity in your life. Whenever you feel low and tired just say word like ‘I am lively, cheerful, strong and full of life’. Positive words leaves a positive impact on you.
  • Include lots of iron rich food in your diet: when there is deficiency of iron in your body you feel tired and dizzy. Deficiency of iron reduces the oxygen carrying efficiency of the red blood cells, which in turn puts a lot of pressure on your heart. So prevent yourself from anemia (iron deficiency) by including iron rich food in your diet.
  • Start spending time with your family: what are you working so hard for? Your family! But what is the use of working so much when your family is not even getting a glimpse of you? Spend time with your family, share your experiences with your parents, go out on a evening walk with your wife or enjoy a candle light dinner with your husband, watch your children grow, play with them, tell them you love them. You won’t deny that a smiling face at the door to greet you after a tiring day really provides a sense of relief and warmth. Reset your priorities.
  • Pick up a hobby: dig out the hobby that was long buried under the burden and pressure of responsibilities and work or start a new one. Discover the talent present inside you. Read different types of books, paint, take up gardening, do anything that you love to do. Not out of necessity, out of your will, not because you have to, but because you want to. Some activity which will help you focus and immerse yourself completely without worrying about the outside world. The time thus spent for yourself will waken up the lively person inside you and will give you peace and serenity.
  • Listen to music: Music is a great stress buster. It is something which is liked by everyone. Whenever, you feel tired just listen to your favorite music, the worries, the stress and the anxiety will vanish into thin air. You mind will be relaxed and you will be able to think clearly.

The Don’ts – The thinks you should stop overdoing

Anything when done in excess can lead to extirpation. The following are the things which you should stop overdoing. Once you do these you will be much more in peace with yourself and this will help you to become more lively and less worried & tired.

  • Stop trying to please everyone: Stop the ‘yes man show’. There’s is nothing wrong in saying no if you think it is the right thing to be said. Understand that you cannot please everyone, no matter how much you do there will always be a ‘but’. So if on a Saturday if your friend wants you to come to the club, where as what you want is to sit at home, read books and spend quality time with your family, then politely reject your friend’s offer. Stop trying to please everyone.
  • Sleeping and relaxing less: An average person needs a minimum of 6 hours and a maximum of 8 hours sleep. When you continuously deprive yourself from the energizing and restful sleep you are actually paving your way to disaster. Staying up late at night and waking up early in the morning to hit the office on time will eventually take a toll on your health. So sleep no less or no more! A restful and deep sleep will boost your energy dramatically.
  • Stop taking too much of caffeine: coffee lovers putting too much of caffeine into your system can lead you to insomnia, stomach upset, restlessness, nervousness, irritability etc. so keep a tab on the number of cups of your favorite beverage you are having.
  • Stop Worrying too much: Stop worrying too much on unnecessary things. Too much of worry drains the energy out of your body. It tires you out. Worrying won’t help in improving the situation on the other hand it will worsen it more. Take deep breathes whenever you feel too worried or when anxiety is making you restless. Taking deep breathes will help you to relax.
  • Stop thinking too much about others: One of the bad habits that most of the people have got is to ponder over what others might be thinking about them. What is the use or what is the point? What others are thinking is none of your business. As far as you are not guilty in front of God and your conscience, don’t give a damn to what others are thinking about you. So, stop for once and all, killing yourself thinking what others might be thinking about you.

So now you know what are the things that were causing the trouble and what has to be done. If you will start taking care of the small small things that has been mentioned above which plays a big part in your life, you will be rewarded with a life you always dreamed of. Start taking conscious efforts in improving yourself, and you will realize how simple it is and yet so beautiful. Let’s begin today itself, a little effort from your side and see your life changing friend! Remember everything starts with YOU. You are the craftsman! The wonderful part is that you have got the power to change and to mold your life into whatever you want it to be.

“To change one’s life: Start immediately. Do it flamboyantly. No exceptions.”
~ William Jame

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