Matcha Green Tea Powder

Matcha Green Tea Powder is a natural weightloss metabolism energy booster. A bowl of Matcha Green Tea Powder can burn your excess calories 4X, which in turn results in healthy weight loss.

Till date there are no energy pills invented to immediately boost your energy, so making changes in your daily diet and every day activities will make a definite difference. If you feel tired most of the time then try the next best options to energize yourself to get you going the whole day long.

Strength for All Day

What is your routine like? You wake up, you work and work and at night when you are home, you feel totally exhausted. Most of you try to remain fit and in good health, still you lack the energy to perform your daily tasks. I agree that you are all health-conscious people who try hard to remain active, but still something makes all of you feel low. What is it? Well, there are many reasons:

  • One is that the everyday routine is the same which makes you feel tedious. Doing repetitive tasks can cause fatigue, so find new ways to complete the daily work.
  • Second is forcing oneself to finish. It is wrong to stretch your body to work. Your body has certain limitation so don’t raise your energy bar too high. Pressing more and more from lives will be irresistible for your body and your energy level drips.
  • Third is multitasking. Studies conducted on single work doers and multi-taskers concluded that focusing on one job at a time is energy efficient. Multitasking like preparing for breakfast, getting your kid ready for the day and checking mails on mobile will speedily exhaust your mind rather than performing each task individually.
  • Lastly, don’t be obsessed with everything around you. Many people have a habit to mull over every small incident occurring in their lives. Avoid serious considerations to incidents like an argument with your husband, scolding from your boss or ill comment from your friend, this will give you more stress and drains more energy from the body. More stress brings more ponderings, which gives you more restless and exhaustive feelings. Liberate yourself by sharing these with someone you trust.

Just as plants require regular nourishment so too our energy deposits need reloading. Starting the day with just your willpower as a stimulant will not make you active. To recuperate, involve yourself in lively activities that keep you happy without much of an efforts. I know you are already very tired to perform the activities mentioned below to boost your energy; however it is suggested to include the best suitable ones that work for you and your routine.

Feel Energized and Don’t Postpone the Day

After starving all night, the magic charm to start from dawn to dark is not to delay the day. Firstly, revive your body wake up activities by lights. Yes, you are reading correct. Whether it is sunlight or CFL bulbs, they help to optimize your body to the morning activities. If it is dark outside, it is recommended to use CFL bulbs which emit white light that is just similar to daylight instead of using yellow lights.

Secondly, feel relaxed while starting the day. Don’t think of the burden of work load which you plan to do that day. Checking mails or the ‘to do list’ in the morning will prove more exhaustive; all work will be completed at its allotted time. Simplify activities to be done by you like getting everybody ready for the day by just waking up a few minutes earlier than others and preparing yourself.

Thirdly, Exercise. Studies had proven that your energy levels boost by workouts. No, I am not talking about high intensity exercises which will add fuel to your already exhausted mood. High intensity workouts will force your body to burn up more energy leaving you feeling extremely tired. Involve in low intensity exercises such as aerobics or simply walking whch are all beneficial to enhance your vitality. Studies had found that regular exercise normally increases energy levels by 20%. I am sure this fact will surely inspire you.

Fourth, drink lots of water during the day. Dehydration is a threatening cause of fatigue as it moves quietly on you. It is a known fact that drinking water is a key constituent for you to being healthier and feeling more energized throughout the day. If your body has shortage of fluids, then the first sign that you feel is fatigue. Avoid expensive sports drinks or energy drinks and just drink water. This natural energy booster will definitely enhance your performance. It is advisable to drink at least 2-3 liters of water in a day.

Eat a Lot of Breakfast

There is a saying, eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a queen and dinner like a beggar. Eating a crash breakfast is strict no no. Quick stimulants like coffee or carbs will give you instant energy. However they are not long lasting and after some time you start feeling low. Instead consume breakfast that is a mixture of unrefined carbs, lean proteins or healthy fats which gives not just quick energy but since they take time to digest, they give your body slow and gradual energy to keep you going throughout the day. You may eat an egg omelette or a whole-grain oatmeal with some nuts.

Workplace Tip

Overwork is one of the main reasons for fatigue. Overwork includes work in the workplace, family, or social commitments. Simplify and prioritize activities from your to do list. Keep less important tasks aside and ask for help at work whenever needed.

Just observing nature for few minutes between work can relieve you from workplace stress. Studies advocate that people who have a view of nature while working have less stress-related symptoms. Natural beauty soothes your eyes and boosts you overall energy levels.

Your body requires occasional movements to relax and allow the oxygen to flow smoothly within the body so, don’t limit yourself and be attached to your work space. Move freely at regular intervals, talk with your colleagues or walk while taking on phone and your body supports you to keep you on the toe all day.

Doing a mini-meditation is a very good idea. Sit in an area that is silent and peaceful, take slow and deep breaths for few minutes and think of those pleasing memory for you to feel calmer and more energetic.

Lunch Time Boosters

Eat a balanced meal to provide your body with a perfect blend of vitamins, minerals and protein foods. Don’t forget to eat carbs as there is no instant energy if you avoid eating carbs. Eating a Green Salad with chicken is yummy and adding a fruit or black beans will supplement protein to provide you with a balanced diet.

Do not eat rich or fatty foods to keep yourself away from feeling hazy. Also, after eating heavy meals the blood within the body dislocates oxygen due to the fat content. Fats restrict the blood from carrying oxygen and prevents oxygen from reaching each and every part of your body thus making you feel low.

Taking a vitamin B-complex supplement for extra energy is not a bad idea; however it is prudent to eat a balanced meal for lunch for all afternoon energy. B-vitamins perform various bodily functions, but most of all, it is involved in the crucial process of transforming blood sugar to energy for use. Eating a balanced diet i.e. eating foods such as dairy products, green leafy vegetables, wheat bread, poultry and meat products tha are rich in vitamin B ensures you to get the correct amount of B vitamins.

Think of outdoor lunch. Don’t remain a part of those 34 percent of employees who eat on their desk. Sunlight boosts vitamin D levels. Research recommends that plenty of vitamin D helps in sustaining energy levels and also helps to regulate metabolism and insulin emission that improves energy levels.

Afternoon Energy

It is common for everybody’s enrgy levels to drop between 2 and 4 in the afternoon. Half the day is gone and along with it the zest vanishes. Eating a large lunch and then sitting on the desk all afternoon, will breakdown your strength. A moderate amount of eating and occasional body movement will help you to restore energy.

Stretching is a relaxing activity that rejuvenates you wen you are feeling low on energy levels. Stand up and do arm circle or ankle circles in mid afternoon for relaxing your body and gaining energy. Also, if you incorporate stretching activity as a part of your regular fitness schedule, it will give several additional benefits that help to improve your general physical and mental health.

Protein and fiber included in your snack will help to enhance the blood sugar for longer time. Eating snacks such as high-fiber cereal, nuts, hemp seeds, coconut or dark chocolate chips will increase your vitality. Don’t eat junk foods as snacks since they are fatty and sugar loaded. These will give your body a burst of energy for a short time period which may be less than an hour and then will be quickly followed by an unbearable crash.

Thrash Exhaustive Feeling in the Evening

The last energy deposits are keeping you active and might collapse anytime. Think of completing your work and feel more energetic to reach home soon. Your thoughts will give you the power to remain active. Think positive and finish off the work to go home to your family.
Make your Work-to-home movement enjoyable. During transition, focus on things you enjoy the most like listening to music or leaving work early on some days to walk and reach home and find that your metabolism enhances for an hour or more.

Dark Come In

After reaching home don’t drink a glass of wine to relax yourself. Avoid taking alcohol at least two hours before sleeping as it will cause you restless sleep, less energy and focus for the next morning. Studies say that people who consume alcoholic beverage before bed are more likely to wake up in the middle of the night when the body finishes the processing of the alcohol. Normally, the parasympathetic nervous system (PNS) lessens your heart rate, allowing you a peaceful sleep. In contrast when your body is busy processing the alcohol, the nervous system will not allot control to PNS, which makes you feel more tired than if you had fallen asleep naturally.

You are aware that smoking is not good for health; In addition it actually drains off your energy by causing insomnia. Nicotine, the chief active constituent in tobacco is a stimulant, so it raises the pace of heart beats, increases blood pressure, and encourage your mind with wakefulness, making you feel hard to fall asleep. Even if you fall asleep, the addictive power wakes you up with cravings.

Watching TV is actually not a relaxing activity. If you are sitting on the sofa and switching channels will worsen your lethargy, instead watch your one or two favorite shows and stretch if you feel lethargic. Bright lights from your TV or computer monitor can disturb the release of melatonin in the body. Melatonin will indicate to you the right time to go to bed and helps you to get a peaceful sleep. Allowing your body a minimal exposure to light just a few hours before sleep will help you fall asleep easier and get a better sleep at night.

Recognize your late-night thirsts; that are actually not for food but for sleep. For dinner, you should eat light and easily digestible food at least an hour before you sleep. Eat food such as half natural Greek yogurt with berries or dark chocolate or hot chocolate with almond milk. Your brain and body has been awake for quite a long time and now it requires rest. So say good night and have a peaceful sleep. Experts opine that sleeping a good and relaxing sleep is best for a new energetic next dawn.

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