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Revitin prebiotic toothpaste uses natural ingredients. It has antimicrobial agents in it along with nutrients, vitamins, and enzymes that can not only clean the teeth but can also make them look whiter.

Do you know that most of the toothpaste in the market has abrasives in them that can erode the tooth enamel? Well, your favorite toothpaste might be doing harm to the teeth rather than cleaning the teeth. The artificial color, chemicals, and foaming agents are all harmful to the teeth in the long run.

When all you need is clean teeth, stronger enamel, fewer cavities and fresh breath, you really don’t need to rely on these chemicals. You could opt for the safer Revitin Prebiotic toothpaste that is right opposite to all these common toothpaste. It is natural, safe, no chemicals and improves the oral health great.

About Revitin toothpaste With Natural Ingredients

Revitin is a proprietary formula made by the dentists Dr.Gerry Curatola and Dr.David Shuch. This proprietary formula is called NuPath Bioactives that has a patent as well. The development of this toothpaste is concentrated on balancing the oral microbiome. It is made to preserve the good bacterial colony in the mouth and at the same time be able to eliminate the harmful ones.

Revitin prebiotic natural toothpaste benefits

  • Revitin is more than just toothpaste. It cleanses the teeth and can also improve the overall oral health.
  • It is an ideal choice for the sensitive tooth.
  • It reduces plaque formation, gum bleeding, and inflammations. Even though these features are also there in the ordinary toothpaste, Revitin works better at it. it balances the oral health without causing damage to the natural environment.
  • Revitin helps whiten the teeth. There is no artificial whitening agents here but just the natural ingredients that can remove the plaque and keep the teeth shining.
  • It refreshes the breath by eliminating the unhealthy bacteria. It promotes the growth of healthy bacteria and helps them do their natural defense.
  • It considerably reduces the morning breath, even if the last time you brushed was at night. Its goodness can work for longer hours than usual.
  • Additionally, Revitin adds to the nutrition of the teeth. When the diet lacks enough of the needed nutrients, the oral health can go south. Revitin toothpaste contains many of those needed nutrients that can nourish the oral cavity and could also act directly at the targets wherever needed.

Revitin Prebiotic toothpaste ingredients

  • Calcium carbonate supplies calcium to the teeth.
  • Chondrus crispus is a type of seaweed that favors the growth of the good bacteria and feed them.
  • CoenzymeQ10 is another antioxidant that can also directly work on the inflammations in the tooth.
  • Dental silica is the microscopic dental cleaning pebble-like structure. It is safe for the teeth as well as for the GI tract, in case it is passed through the gut.
  • Lemon oil has cleansing property
  • MSM- methylsulfonylmethane is anti-inflammatory.
  • Non-GMO vegetable glycerin supplies healthy triglycerides.
  • Quillaja saponaria extract is a natural foaming agent taken out from the bark of this plant. This extract can also break up the biofilm in the mouth to clean it thoroughly.
  • STevia leaf extract supplies many nutrients like vitamins, minerals, and other trace elements. It can work on all sorts of tooth problems and can also prevent them from happening. It helps prevent the growth of the infectious microbes, plaque and promote the growth of good bacteria.
  • Tangerine oil and Cranberry seed oils are added to improve the oral health. The latter has a particular affinity towards inflamed gums and cures the problem.
  • Vitamin C is added in the form of sodium ascorbyl phosphate that has activity against the gingivitis-causing bacteria. It also promotes the growth of oral probiotic bacteria.
  • Vitamin E supplies the antioxidants and is easily absorbed by the gums and probiotics in the mouth.
  • Xanthan gum is an ideal substrate for the good bacteria to grow. It is pre-biotic in nature that can balance the oral environment and promote its health.

Prebiotics, Revitin and Oral health

What is prebiotics?

You all know about probiotics and probiotic bacteria, how they are important for the general health etc. Here it is all about Prebiotics. Prebiotics are a type of food, a selectively fermented carbohydrate that makes a substrate or a platform for the probiotic bacteria to grow. It forms the food and shelter of the probiotics to grow.

The substrate!

The proper substrate for the good bacteria is as important as the growth and power of the good bacteria. The Revitin toothpaste contains many such probiotics in its formulation. When the good bacteria have got a convenient place to colonize, their growth rate would naturally increase at a faster pace.

It’s importance

The importance of probiotics in oral health is that there are plenty of such good bacteria present in the oral cavity and are essential for the maintenance of healthy microbial balance. When the good bacteria are in plenty, the less are the chances of the infectious microbes to grow there. A balanced oral microbiome is a natural defense against the oral cavity problems. Revitin toothpaste ensures this natural defense by providing the prebiotics and other natural ingredients to correct the problems.

Safety of Revitin Prebiotic toothpaste

Revitin toothpaste contains no chemicals, additives, colors, dyes, or artificial foaming agents. There is also no peroxides, sodium lauryl or even sweeteners in it. Everything it contains is natural. These natural ingredients supply only nutrients and do not cause harm.

There are no reports of any kind of allergic reactions to using Revitin and is appreciated quite well. Simply use pea-sized toothpaste on to the brush and clean the teeth in the morning and before bed at night. You are done! It is completely safe, hygienic, and preferred over the conventional chemical toothpaste in the market.

Revitin natural toothpaste reviews

A customer says that there is no replacement for a clean and healthy mouth. She and her family, even the extended family has been using Revitin for a very long time. She says it works wonders for the sensitive teeth.

  • Anastasia uses it for her family as well. Her daughter suffers fluorosis and Revitin has helped the child very well. Her only complaint is that the product is a bit over budget for her, even if she is buying the larger packs.
  • Kim is happy that there are no chemicals or fluoride in it. She is also amazed at not having a morning breath anymore.
  • Sabina says “The taste is very subtle and pleasant. The teeth are also whitening slowly and there is no enamel sensitivity anymore. I do recommend this.”
  • Trevor, “I am happy that I accepted a sample from my friend. This is exceptional and gives a clean feeling after brushing. I am happy with this and am placing my first order now.”

Buy Revitin Prebiotic toothpaste

Revitin toothpaste used to come in a dispenser bottle. But it is not anymore. These days it comes in single tubes of 6.5 oz. the toothpaste is available as a single pack or in multiple packs to save more money. The available packs are,

  • Single tube
  • Family pack of 3 tubes at a discounted price
  • A subscription pack of 3 tubes for 3 months, delivered 4 times a year.
  • Premium case of 25 tubes

Revitin toothpaste is NOT available anywhere other than the Revitin official store. It is not available in the online stores like Amazon.

Revitin is shipped all over to the US. When needed it is also shipped internationally with an additional shipping charge.

Revitin wholesale

If you are interested in retailing the product in your store, subscribe to the wholesale option. You will get the Revitin Case. Add the required number of cases in the cart and checkout.


Oral health is the gateway to the overall health. You need to keep the entrance clean and hygiene. Otherwise, the filth will reach inside and contaminate everything. Revitin is not just a toothpaste, it is more than that. It is a keeper of the oral health and makes a solid base for the general health as well. When you have a healthy habit or brushing the teeth twice a day, make it, even healthier by choosing Revitin Prebiotic toothpaste.

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