Prost-Xtra Plus By Uniscience Group

UniScience Group Prost-Xtra Plus With Rye Grass

Prost-Xtra is a natural formula, manufactured by Uniscience Group. It has a direct inflammatory effect on the prostate and is helpful at strengthening the bladder function and equally relieves the sense of urgency.

Suffering from the symptoms of enlarged prostate gland? Are you looking for an effective solution to treat this condition? Then, it’s time to switch on to Prost-Xtra Plus by Uniscience Group. Many men over the age of 50 suffer from this problem, which mainly affects their urinary tract and bladder. This, in turn, causes frequent and painful irritation, urine dribbling and an overall decline in the quality of life. Further, read on to know more on Prost-Xtra Plus. Also, check out its, reviews, ingredients, dosage, side effects and other useful details. Read on…

About Prost-Xtra Plus Prostate Health

Prost-Xtra Plus is a natural supplement, specifically designed to improve the prostate health. The product specifically counteracts the effects of an aging prostate. It contains several natural ingredients. The most important amongst them is the Annual Rye Grass Pollen, which is labeled as the secret ingredient of Uniscience. Besides, other ingredients added in this formula include Saw Palmetto, Zinc, Beta Sitosterol, Vitamin E and Campesterol.

Prost-Xtra Plus with Rye Grass benefits

  • Supports increased bladder control.
  • Equally, improves the rate of urination flow.
  • Widens sexual performance.
  • Promotes increased sexual potency.
  • Helps to minimize residual urine.

Prost-Xtra Plus ingredients

  • Serving Size – 3 capsules
  • Servings Per Container – 30
Ingredients Amount Per Serving % Daily Value
Vitamin E 50 IU 166.7%
Mixed Sterols from Natural Plant Sources 300 mg *
(Beta-Sitosterol 137 mg)
(Campesterol 82 mg)
(Stigmasterol 67 mg)
(Brassicasterol 14 mg)
Saw Palmetto Extract4:1 213 mg *
Annual Ryegrass 213 mg *
(Secale cereale L.) aerial parts
Extract (water and fat soluble factors)
Zinc (from amino acid chelate, zinc monomethione ) (L-OptiZinc) 10 mg *

Other Ingredients – Purified water, Gelatin, Microcrystalline cellulose.

  • Beta-sitosterols – This is a plant extract which helps to improve the urinal flow.
  • Cernitin (certified concentrated extract from Rye Grass Pollen)– Cernitin is a powerful mix of fermented mix of flower pollens that is worth at enhancing the sexual potency.
  • Zinc – It heightens prostate’s ability to retain virility.
  • Vitamin E – Helps at supporting a healthier prostate.

Prost-Xtra Plus dosage

It is recommended to take 3 capsules of Prost-Xtra, once daily as a dietary supplement.

Prost-Xtra Plus precautions

  • All men should consult their medical professional before having this product. In order, to prevent the undesirable effects from occurring.
  • Store the bottle in a cool, dry place.
  • Keep out of reach of children.

Prost-Xtra Plus side effects

Prost-Xtra is a 100% guaranteed formula, made from natural extracts. It is good at maintaining the prostate health. Moreover, it has done wonders for most of the customers. Thus, you will find no side effects, associated with this formula.

Prost-Xtra Plus advantages and disadvantages


  • Prost-Xtra is prepared from natural ingredients
  • There are no associated side effects.
  • It is backed by a money-back guarantee.
  • Offers 90-day refund.
  • Equally, manufactured by a reputable company.


  • There is no defined period to see the visible results.
  • Includes, no free trials.

Prost-Xtra Plus reviews

Prost-Xtra is a healthy formula, made from natural components. Equally, all the ingredients used are scientifically proven secure and gives an excellent relief for prostate problems. Mainly like, prostate problem and impotence in men. Customers who have used this product reported that it can make you feel relaxed and worry-free throughout the night without any interruption or irritation.

Prost-Xtra Plus customer reviews

With Prost-Xtra, all you can see is positive results – nothing else than that. Overall, it has received 3 stars out of 5. Further, mentioned below are some honest user reviews for your reference. Let’s have a look at them…

  • “Prost-Xtra Plus helps at lowering PSA quickly. Thus, I would say that it’s a good cure…”
  • “It is very helpful. No more bathroom runs…”
  • “Prost-Xtra really works. Thankyou Uniscience for making this formula.”
  • “Would love to rate it with 5 stars.
  • “Excellent product, nothing more can be explained on this.”
  • “Early, I have tried 3 other products with disappointing results. But Prost-Xtra Plus helped me a lot. Within 2 weeks I was able to get the results which I was looking for.”
  • “Very impressive. This is a good urinary health support.”

Where to buy Prost-Xtra Plus? – Prost-Xtra Plus for sale

Prost-Xtra is available for sale at Equally, it’s good to buy this product from the manufacturer’s website as there are many discount and promo offers, available for this product. Further, you may visit their official website for more needed information.

Prost-Xtra Plus Amazon

Yes, Prost-Xtra Plus is available at this popular online destination ( Moreover, they assure 100% guarantee for this product. Thus, you may buy them at a cheaper rate for all kinds of prostate issues.

Prost-Xtra Plus discount, coupon and promo offers

Uniscience offers 10% off on all their products. Other offers include, free shipping on all the orders over $100, save 22% on every purchase of Prost-Xtra and $45 off when you purchase 6 bottles of this supplement. Equally, you may sign up with your email address for receiving all the weekly updates of Uniscience Group. Hurry! Grab them at the earliest.

Frequently asked questions

Can I have this supplement while having prescription medicines?

Well, it would be good that you seek a medical permission before having this product.

Where should I contact to place an order?

To make an order, you may call at 1-800-462-9654 (North America) and at 605-274-0313 (outside North America).

I have some personal queries that need to be answered. So where should I contact?

It’s simple. Just make a call to customer support service at 1-866-766-3600 (North America) and (772)446-1083 (outside North America).

What modes of payment are accepted by Uniscience Group?

Different modes of payment like Visa, Master Card, American Express and Discover are accepted by Uniscience Group.


Finally, Prost-Xtra Plus is a good supplement for men suffering from prostatitis and all forms of prostate conditions. Equally, it is tested for its effectiveness and doesn’t cost much. So try them and note the difference it offers…

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