Pure Hawaiian Spirulina Powder

It has rich antioxidants which will provide you a natural energy boost. It also contains gamma linoleic acid or GLA which is also essential for our body.

Do you feel that your coffee is not sufficient enough to boost your energy? There are lots of natural energy booster supplements in UK other than a mug of coffee. These energy boosters are natural and free of side effects.

To have sufficient amount of energy, it is always better to modify not only the energy booster that you take daily. You need to alter a lot of changes in your life style in UK. UK’s food style and the nutrition that we get are basically from the beef, lamb, pork, chicken, fish and potatoes. The most common ones’ available in UK are sandwich, pies, fish and chips. This will not meet the requirement of the energy for the whole day.

So to prevent the low energy related problems, it’s always better to have a natural energy booster along with the diet that you are having. One thing to note in the diet is that it should be a perfect one having all required nutrients. Diet doesn’t mean that you have to fast and have very little amount of food. A balanced diet is the one that include the right amount of nutrients, vitamins and the minerals that are required for the day.

People are leading a busy life, running beyond their dreams. But they are not bothered about their energy or their health. Lack of time and busy work will lead to unhealthy life. So it’s a need to have some energy boosters for a good life. Even people go behind artificial energy boost supplements. These are not providing a good boost of energy as they advertise. So it’s always go with natural energy booster supplements in UK.

Natural Energy Booster Supplements Available In UK

Beyond diet there are many other sections that you have to change on. Just having some natural energy boosters and to have all kinds of junk food is perfect nonsense. A balanced diet with natural energy boosters, sufficient sleep, a morning walk, and a calm and positive approach is more important. Studies show that there is a direct link between stomach and brain. So the better the brain functions, the better the digestive process in the stomach takes place. Hence better absorption and better energy for the day.

There are plenty of natural energy boosters that are available worldwide. This can be purchased from both local drug store and online stores.

This article mainly focuses on the natural energy boosters that are available in UK. The main ones include


Vitamin B12 is very important for our body functioning. This is required for conversions of the carbohydrates in the body to glucose. The vitamin also has role in maintaining healthy skin, nails and hair. Vitamin B12 is also important to maintain the health of various systems in the body like immune, digestive system and the central nervous system. The studies have shown that it also has role in preventing the cancer from occurring. If you are running short of vitamin B12, then your body won’t have sufficient fuel to run for a long time in the day. Hence boosting yourself with vitamin B12 will help to be more energetic and reduce the stress and fatigue level. Vitamin B12 natural energy booster supplements are mainly marketed by Jarrow formula in the name methyl B12 in UK.


This is a common brand for increasing the stamina and the physical strength of the body. It also plays a role to give a the refreshing feel and also reduces the emotional stress. The main mechanism of action is by acting as adaptogen. Being so, will help the body to work normally in periods of stress. The prescribed way of having it is that it should be taken for 6-8 times per week. If you are under any course of anti inflammatory or any blood thinners, consult your doctor before having these natural energy boosters. The chances of interactions in adverse effect are more. Ginseng is a best natural energy booster supplements in UK. Ginseng is mainly marketed by nature’s herbs under name Korean ginseng powder containing 60 capsules.


This is commonly known as acetyl-l-carnitine. This is one of the best amino acid that plays a major role in increasing the energy. L-carnitine converts fat into energy thus useful to increase muscle mass. L-carnitine is naturally present in the human body. They are mainly seen in the brain, neural tissues, heart and muscles. L-carnation is richly found in meat and dairy products. Thus people who are vegetarians can lack this essential amino acid L-carnitine. L-carnitine is also good for increased mental clarity and focus. These are mainly seen in sports drinks, energy drinks and smoothies. L- Carnitine is marketed by twin labs. The bottle contains 60 tablets. This is the best natural energy booster supplements in UK.


Spirulina is a green food. It is blue green algae which is available with many nutrients, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. It has rich antioxidants which will provide you a natural energy boost. It also contains gamma linoleic acid or GLA which is also essential for our body. GLA is a fatty acid which reduces inflammation and is also good for maintenance of body mass and weight. Spirulina is available in UK in powder, liquid and tablet forms. Spirulina is marketed by NOW in the name Certified Organic Spirulina which is in tablet form.


This is one of the best natural energy boost supplement in UK. Green tea extract has a rich antioxidant capacity. It is very good in reducing body weight. This green tea extract contains bioflavonoid which is specially known for its energy increasing property. It also boosts the metabolic rate of our human body. It is very good for cardiovascular health, muscular, neural health. It helps to increase metabolism. Green tea extract has natural caffeine in it. Green tea extract is a natural energy boost supplement available in drinks, bar, powder and supplements in UK. It is mainly marketed by Natures Way in UK.

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