Vega Sport Pre-Workout Sugar-Free Energizer

The main ingredients that are present in vega sport sugar free energizer are green tea, panax ginseng, phodiola and turmeric. All these ingredients are naturally derived and has unique mode of action delivering energy to each cell.

The energy requirement for every human varies from their nature and their type of work and activities that they do on their daily basis. Hence some people will have power to do any kind of work and at the same time some will fall fatigue faster. The energy requirement will also vary according to the medical condition of the body- especially in cases like growth, pregnancy, parturition, lactation and other medical disease conditions.

The amount of food that we use as energy should satisfy and maintain proper health, physiological function and a better living that is free from disease. Energy is not alone concerned about the health matter, it should also satisfy the rules and regulation and the demands that body follows that is imposed by the society, environment and the additional requirements of the body.

Energy is balanced when the input is equal to the output. That is – when the food taken is equal or more to the total energy expenditure. The right steady state of energy will be possible when the energy is contributed to the energy expenditure and it allows for adequate growth in case of children, lactating and pregnancy women.

The basic need for energy is for basal metabolism, metabolic response to food, for physical activity, discretionary activities, growth, and during pregnancy and lactation period.

Why Extra Energy?

Energy is must for all sorts of activity. If you are health concerned person you will surely perfume certain amount of activity to maintain your health status in a better way and prevent the risk of obesity, certain related diseases and to avoid conditions and disease that can occur due to modern life style. While calculation the required energy intake for a body which will vary from person to person you will have to consider a whole lots of factors that are involved in your life. Energy is required even in your stressful condition. The major factors that are taken into account is cultural, environmental, social factors and your body’s general makeup.

Natural Energy Boost Drinks

As all are busy in their own world and least bothered on their health, many companies have established their business on energy drinks. There are thousands and thousands of energy drinks that are available in the market. Online stores also provide facilities to purchase energy drinks which will be delivered to your foot steps. But a hidden fact is that there are people who don’t find time to drink even instant energy drinks and ironically there are energy drinks that are sold with harmful ingredients that are slow poison for our body but at the same time, when better energy drinks that provide optimum energy will not satisfied by the customers.

The best way to go is through the nature’s path. The best part of choosing nature way is that it will be through the natural method that the drink will act on your body leaving very less or no side effects at all. All you need to a few minutes from the whole 24 hours in your day. To prepare and have them. Remember you can’t achieve anything without health. Make your base- health strong, rest all will fall in the track.

Why No To Sugar?

Sugar has a lot of hidden ill effects that can even reach you to fatal conditions. Sugar is now one of the worst ingredients yet included in our daily modern diets. Sugar when added does not contain any essential nutrients and is one of the main causative factors for caries in your teeth. Sugar are tagged as empty calories without fats, vitamins and minerals. The added sugar mainly contains fructose in high amounts and will be one reason for overloading the liver. Sugar splits into glucose and fructose when there enter the blood stream. Glucose is found not only in our body but also in every cell in the earth. When the body has very less amount of glucose to meet the requirements then it has the ability to produce it all self. But fructose has total different biological background. It has no much play in the body and so the body do not have the ability to produce it all by self. This can be only metabolized in the liver. When the amount of fructose is over loaded in the liver it will convert it to fat. When it is continuously over loaded with fructose it will lead to serious conditions like fatty liver. Sugar can cause insulin resistance leading way to diabetes and other metabolic disorders. Recent studies from the experts have proved that it can also cause cancer. it also has the power to effect the hormones and even your brain. Once sugar is consumed regularly it can cause brain to release dopamine and leave a addicted feel. Sugar is now a leading factor to cause obesity in children and in adults. It can also contribute to cholesterol and leave diseases to your heart.

One of the common side effects of manufactured and packed energy drinks are that it will contain sugar. This will help to give instant energy which may not long last and will leave many ill effects that is mentioned above. Hence if you are planning to purchase an energy drink make sure that it is of sugar free. One of the common brand that is sold commonly is Vega sport sugar free energizer. They have powerful ingredients that will help to enhance mental focus , increase endurance and boost energy.

Vega Sport Sugar free Energizer

The main ingredients that are present in vega sport sugar free energizer are green tea, panax ginseng, phodiola and turmeric. All these ingredients are naturally derived and has unique mode of action delivering energy to each cell.

  • The green tea in vega spot sugar free energizer will supply antioxidants and caffeine to the body delivering mental focus and boost your energy. It also contains theanine that will help in promoting energy and relaxation. It also has the power to support the management for inflammation.
  • Panax ginseng is also known as Asian ginseng or Chinese ginseng, it is traditionally used fot increasing the power of physical capability and the performance.
  • Rhodiola is a traditionally used herbal medicine that is used to fight against the stress and weakness. It also has functioned to increase the endurance.
  • Turmeric is a traditional medicine of India. Cur cumin that gives it healing power and the bright yellow color will help to support the management for inflammation by being a powerful antioxidant and also has the power to fight against the microorganisms and diseases.

Other Natural Energy Boost Drinks – Without Sugar

Here are some lists of energy drinks that are available both in stores and in online markets. If you have no time to prepare homemade natural energy boost drinks, then you have choice only for the ready made energy boost drinks. the main ones in this list are

  • Rockstar sugar free
  • Rockstar pink
  • Monster zero ultra
  • Rockstar zero carb
  • Monster lo carb
  • Java monster
  • No fear sugar free
  • Red bull sugar free
  • Crunch sugar free
  • Sobe adrenaline rush sugar free
  • Monster absolutely zero
  • Monster ultra pink
  • Celius energy drink
  • Liquid ice sugar free
  • Wave sugar free
  • Redbull total zero
  • Nos sugar free
  • Cintron tropical azul
  • Roaring lion zero
  • Venom low carb
  • Go girl
  • Xs energy all flavors
  • Full throttle
  • Lady pink
  • Amp sugar free
  • Guru Lite
  • Xyience Xenergy Full Line
  • Spike Shooter
  • Redline Rtd Pricess
  • Bawls Exxtra
  • Hype Enlite

Natural Homemade Boost Drinks: Without Sugar

You can easily prepare the energy drink all by yourself if you are truly wishing to boost up the energy levels of your body. The ingredients that are used to prepare the energy drink are commonly used ones in our kitchens and are not costlier ones.

Lay Low Recipe

The ingredients include lemon, lime, orange, salt, honey, coconut water, sugar , strawberries and water. These ingredients are both powerful yet tasty.

You will need ¼ cup of lime juice, ¼ th cup of lemon juice, one and half cup of fresh water, ¼ spoon of salt and natural honey of about 2 spoon. Blend all the ingredients to the honey and blend it with your hand.

Banana & Wheat Grass Smoothie: Natural Energy Boost Drink

All what you need is ripe bananas and wheat grass powder and water. You will need 3-4 ripe bananas, 2 cups of cold water and 1 tablespoon of wheat grass powder. Blend all and have it as a smoothie. As bananas are rich in vitamin B and potassium, they will give you instant energy.

Blue Green Coconut Water: Natural Energy Boost Drink

This sugar free drink will leave you so much freshened and energetic feel. All what you need is 10-16 ounces of coconut water and 1 teaspoon of spirulina powder which is a blue green algae that comes in the form of powder, this will leave you with sufficient amount of protein and amino acids. Spirula powder can also be taken in with water if you don’t have coconut water.

Carrot & Parsley Smoothie

You will need 5 medium carrots, one apple and a bunch of parsley. You will have to remove the seeds because they are toxic in nature. Mix all the recipes and blend well in a blender. This will give an energetic and fresh feel.

Kale & Banana Smoothie

All what you need to prepare kale and banana smoothie is 3-4 ripe bananas, cold water of 2 cups and 1 bunch of kale. If you are not familiar with the term kale, it is sometimes called as new beef. This might taste bitter, to reduce the bitterness remove the mid rib and the stems from the kale.

Green Energetic Drink

You will need kale leaves, lemon, green apples, celery stalks and ginger. The ingredients measures should be 3-5 kale leaves, 2 green apples, 1 lemon, 3-4 celery stalks, 1 small piece of ginger. Ginger will increase the circulation and will also help in increasing the physical and mental energy. Lemon was selected as green energetic drink since it has the ability to alkalizing the food that you have taken it. This will permit the body to balance the ph. Celery in the energetic drink will help you to lower the blood pressure. It also helps in replacing electrolytes and will help you to re-hydrate the body when ever required.

Ginger Electrolyte Sports

When you need to boost yourself or if you have any trouble related to the stomach, all you have to remember is ginger. You boil some water and mix some crushed and smashed ginger. Cool it for some time and have when ever you need to be re freshened. If you feel the taste is bit awkward, you can add on honey to it.

Tart Cherry Lemon Natural Energy Boost Drink

A very good combo will help you to recover the muscle after a workout. The main ingredients that play important role in muscle recovery is cherry and lemon. The lemon will help to supply vitamin C which has many important functions in your body. This mix will contain tangy fruit juice, honey and lemon. This will help to supply the body with carbs, potassium and sodium.

Sugar should be avoided not only in drinks. Try to replace all your meals and drinks with some other alternative to sugar. Honey is one commonly used alternative that has helped many to have sugar free- yet sweet tasting drinks. apart from the sweetened taste, Honey is one known traditionally used medicinal valued ingredient. This has anti –inflammatory actions and also helps in fast healing too. However, the sweet taste is only for the consumption and taste point of view. There are many scam and unhealthy products that are sold advertising sugar free and energy supplying. Remember natural energy boost drinks which are sugar free are for health purpose too, don’t fall or be a victim for fake and unhealthy products. If you are doubtful or confused about sugar free natural energy boost drinks, your doctor is the best person who can help you in this matter.

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