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Calm your unpredictable tantrums, mood swings with Mood Effex naturally.  It is 100% natural, safe and effective in nature.

Are you planning to get rid of depression and anxiety? Do you have painful experiences with disabling and strength zapping depression? Then, it’s time to check for this Mood Effex supplement, prepared from naturally healing herbs that are clinically proven to lift your mood.

From my experiences, I would say that depression is quite difficult to recognize. Actually, nobody likes to talk about it and I have come across many people who don’t even admit it that they are really depressed. Equally, being depressed is not good for our health, because it often leads you to frustration and anger.

Mood Effex is a dietary supplement, specially designed for people who are dealing with troubles like anxiety and depression. It is made from natural components that are clinically approved to help people improve their mood and brain chemistry. Further, read on to know more about Mood Effex for a better mood. Also, check out its other major details like reviews, ingredients added, dosage, benefits, side effects and much more…

About Mood Effex for better Mood

Mood Effex is one of the greatest formulas which is beneficial at supporting the moods in the body of the users. It is made from seven pure herbal extracts that have been used for centuries in the traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine as a natural mood enhancer. Moreover, this Mood Effex capsules are 100% vegetarian in nature and come in an easily digestible form, with no side effects.

Who should use Mood Effex supplement?

This is an awesome product, which can be used by the people who suffer from clinical depression and mood disorders. Especially, when situations like sadness, anger, loss, and frustration interfere with your daily life for a long period of time.

Mood Effex benefits

  • This Mood Effex for better Mood helps to support a healthy mood and joy.
  • It helps to reduce stress.
  • Increases your mental awareness and alertness all the time.
  • Restores your brain’s capacity
  • Promotes joy, happiness, and an overall feeling of well-being.
  • Increases the circulation of energy to all the vital organs
  • Equally, enhances sexual libido.

Mood Effex ingredients

  • Serving Size – 2 capsules
  • Servings per container – 30

Mood Effex for better Mood is a synergistic mix of herbal components that have been used in traditional medicines for many years.

  • Tribulus Terrestris – This is a popular herbal medicine, well known for its ability to boost wellness and libido, increase energy, provide a boost to endurance, positively affect mood and helps to relieve stress and anxiety.
  • Cyperus Rotundus Root – Used for its ability to promote positive mental health by controlling the heightened levels of moodiness and depression.
  • Nardostachys Chinensis – This herb contains a natural calming capability.
  • Angelica Sinensis Root – It is called as the female ginseng or Dong Quai. This root is used for the treatment of mood swings.
  • Albizzia Julibrissin Durazz – Helps to give relief from anxiety and depression.
  • St. John’s Wort – This herb is a popular natural medicine for treating anxiety and depression.
  • Morinda Officinalis Root – This root improves the levels of circulation and is worth at increasing libido.

Mood Effex dosage

As a dietary supplement, it is advised to have 2 capsules daily with or without food.

Mood Effex precautions

  • Store the bottle in a cool, dry place.
  • The product is solely meant for people above 18 years of old.
  • Consult your doctor before using this formula, in the case of pregnancy, nursing or any other health conditions.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Avoid the usage, if you are having any other kinds of medications.
  • Do not use them, if the imprinted seal under the cap is broken or missing.

When to expect the results?

You can expect the results within 30 – 60 days of its usage. However, from the first day of its usage, you may experience some slight positive changes in your mood and awareness. But, still, you need to have the dosages for at least 60 days, in order to achieve the comprehensive results.

How does Mood Effex for better Mood works?

This Mood Effex formula works to promote a positive mood by controlling the levels of depression and moodiness. Besides, it works to boost the levels of testosterone in the body, produces muscle mass and enhance all the tasks in your body. Improves the sexual performance of the body, because of this it starts the production of libido in the body. Overall, it can supply all the essential nutrients to your body in order to keep them fit.

Mood Effex side effects

There are no side effects associated with this solution, as all the ingredients used in this formula are clinically approved to help people boost their mood and promote a healthy lifestyle without causing any negative side effects.

Mood Effex Pros and Cons


  • This Mood Effex solution is clinically proven and is considered 100% safe, without causing any side effects.
  • Equally, many studies have claimed that the long-term use of this product may increase your lifespan.
  • It is made from 100% secret key ingredients that are beneficial to balance your health condition.
  • Above all, it works very well safely and naturally.


  • You will get the desired results at the expected time, only if you follow the instructions correctly.
  • This formula is not a magical cure. It can never give you a result, overnight.
  • Not available in the local stores. Thus, one should order them online only.
  • Cannot be consumed by individuals under the age of 18.

Mood Effex reviews

Mood Effex is one of the best supplements that have been used by most of the customers. Thus, it is in great demand in the market. Customers who have used this formula are quite satisfied with the results obtained. Hence, they have rated it with 5/5 stars. They are saying that it is a safe, effective solution for balancing the brain chemistry. In addition, there is no need to worry regarding the safety issues. The product is manufactured with the strict guidelines and safety practices in mind. It is made in a Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP), defined by the Food and Drug Administration.

Mood Effex customer reviews – How Mood Effex has fared to its users?

  • Desiree Zankco says “I was told to take some natural solutions for depression, rather than relying on the chemical medications. Finally, after searching for all the sites. I could find some information on this Mood Effex solution. So, I tried them and I felt much better after taking it for 4 weeks. Besides, I didn’t notice any side effects and after taking them continuously for 6 months my mood and focus were completely alright. All thanks to the manufacturer…”
  • Jonathan says “After a year of experimenting with non-prescription drugs for anxiety. I have found one that is working for me. With this natural formula, I wake up so positively and happily. Now I am ready to tackle all the challenges and difficulties of my day to day life. All I can say that Mood Effex mood enhancer has filled the void.”
  • John Ben says “This is an awesome natural cure for depression and anxiety. After a year on prescription medicine, I was quite unsatisfied with the results given out. All I was left with blurry vision and cold sweats. Then, one day I decided to find a natural cure to help me with my depression and anxiety. Finally, I succeeded and got an effective solution with no side effects. Sideways, it has increased my sexual energy. Now I feel that I am in my 20’s.”
  • Gordon Hutchings says “I love this formula as it makes me feel more stable and happy. With its usage, I am able to handle the daily tasks with ease. All my negative thoughts have become calm.”
  • Mike says “Thanks to the makers of this solution, otherwise, I would have gone crazy. There was a time when I used to stay frustrated and stressed and was unable to give the 100% of my work. Then, one of my friends suggested me the usage of this product and ever since that, I have started to feel light. Actually, I am so happy now, that I couldn’t express them in words.”
  • Jennet says “From the day I have started using this solution – I have come up with positive results only. Sometimes, I think what would have happened if Mood Effex didn’t come into my life.”

Where to buy Mood Effex? – Mood Effex for sale

You need not go anywhere to buy this product. It is available on its official website at for the best prices and discounts. The company ships worldwide to all their customers. Besides, there is a 30-day money back guarantee on all their products. So, there’s no risk in purchasing them from the manufacturer’s website.

Mood Effex amazon

Yes, Mood Effex is available at this popular online destination. One can get them at a cheaper price with many discount and promo offers. But, currently, the product is out of stock. Further, check their concerned website for more details on this formula and much more.

Mood Effex – Discount, Coupon and Promo offers

You can avail 22% off in this Mood Effex natural mood enhancement mood support, 10% off on any order and free shipping on all the orders ordered from CLE Holistic Health.

Some of the popular include:

  • 1 bottle of Mood Effex free on purchasing two bottles of this solution.
  • 2 bottles free on every purchase of 4 bottles.
  • 5 bottles free on every purchase of 10 bottles.

Besides, you may also log in with your email id for receiving all the latest newsletters and upcoming deals. Hurry, grab them, before it gets too late…

Frequently asked questions

Is the product gender sensitive?

No, Mood Effex is not gendered sensitive. It is good for both male and female users who are dealing with stress and anxiety issues.

I want to know, whether my information will get shared with the third party users?

No, nothing will get shared. All your personal information will be kept secured using the SSL secure certificate.

Can I order from South Africa?

Yes, of course. CLE Holistic Health ship their products to all most all the English-speaking countries like Canada, United States, United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, South Africa and New Zealand.

Do I need to pay any sales tax for obtaining this product?

Yes, Canadian residents must pay 5% H.S.T. While orders shipped outside Canada are tax-free.

What modes of payment are offered by CLE Holistic Health?

All modes of payment like Visa and Master Card and Paypal are accepted by them, except the European Maestro Card.

Do you offer a return policy?

Yes, there is a 30 days return policy offered on all the products by CLE. So, if you are unsatisfied with this formula then you may simply return the bottles, opened or not at:

Returns Dept: Suite: 345.125A-1030 Denman St.Vancouver, BC V6G 2M6.

I have some doubts and queries, related to this product. So, where should I contact?

Well, the quickest and the most effective method is to send an email to Also, you may speak to the customer care representative in the toll-free number: 1-800-503-7642 (both in the US and Canada). While the members outside US and Canada may call at +16047154286.

Can I get this product from the eBay stores?

Yes, this Mood Effex solution is available at eBay stores.

Is the product available at Walmart and Walgreens?

No, this product is not available at Walmart and Walgreens stores.


Hope this article could give you a better insight into Mood Effex and its reviews. It is an effective formula made by good researchers across the globe – mainly for terrible effects like stress and depression. Equally, it is made from high-quality ingredients, which can improve your overall physical and mental well-being. So try them at the earliest as calming the brain and having a better functional mind is highly important for making a right decision. Buy them! And don’t forget to share your valuable comments with us…

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