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Live with the nature because you can only trust our nature created by God trustfully nowadays. We cannot trust on the instant ready made energy boosters available in the market. It may contain preservatives, coloring agents, flavors and synthetic contents in a large amount. Rather than boosting you it may depress you. So better maintain a distance towards instant energy products available in the market in a large scale. Always use such energy boosters preferably recommended by your physician or by your dietitian.

When it comes to Natural Energy Boosters for Men, people always think of having increased testosterone levels, increase libido, better muscle mass and so on. Having a good, sharp and alert mental health with positive energized high spirits, good physical health which helps you to stay happy and energetic, pleasant state of mind and body to deal with all situations in life – all these are also energy boosting elements. It is possible to attain good mental alertness, happiness and physical strength with the help of these Smoothies and Drinks – Natural Energy Boosters for Men.

Natural Energy Boosters for Men

Always go for the natural energy boosters. It will be trustful and will be better for your health. There will not be any preservatives or any synthetic products which are harmful to health.

Wheat grass and Banana smoothie: Natural Energy Booster

Wheat grass is a powerful food with a large amount of antioxidants, minerals and vitamins. They can be taken at anytime.

Antioxidants prevent the oxidation process in the cells. Actually majority of foods are acidic which is not good for our health. These acidic cells can lead into the oxidification of cells or lead to cell death. These cells can even change to cancer cells or can be more prone to infections. The wheat grass is one of the best alkalizing foods one can take every time. These alkalizing foods give an extra electron to the unstable free radicals and make it stable.

Bananas in this smoothie are a great supply of instant energy. One or two bananas after a workout will give you an instant energy usually. Bananas contain high amount of potassium and B complex vitamins. These nutrients are very good for restoring depleted energy. Bananas also contain tryptophan which gives a boosted mood. Bananas also contain fibers. Overall bananas give you a great instant energy. Smoothie can be prepared by adding 2 tablespoon wheat grass powder and 3 bananas with 2 cups of water. It is one of the best mens natural energy boosters without caffeine.


Banana & Kale Smoothie: Natural Energy Boosters without caffeine

Banana as mentioned before it contains a higher amount of potassium and minerals. Kale is one of the healthiest foods with more amount of iron than beef thus called as new beef also. Kale also adds some fibers to your energy booster if you add the mid rib of your kale also.

One can make a smoothie with 1 small bunch of kale mixed with 1 cup ice, 2 cups cold water and 3 to 4 ripe bananas. This smoothie is good for men who need the natural energy booster without caffeine.

Coconut Spirulina Mix: Natural Energy Boosters for Men

This is one of the best natural energy boosters for men without any caffeine. The main contents are 16 ounces of coconut water and 1 teaspoon of spiraling powder.

Spirulina is usually available in health stores. It is a type of blue green algae in powder. It contains around 70 percent proteins, containing all 8 essential amino acids and it also contains chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is a molecule which is very similar to our hemoglobin in blood. It help you to carry oxygen and helps to build up our red blood cells. It also helps our tissue to be oxygenated always. Spirulina is also a good source of micro nutrients. The micro nutrients include antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, bio pigments etc. So spirulina is one among the richest source of energy.

Coconut water is mainly available in tropic areas. Always use fresh coconut water. Those who can’t get coconut water freshly go for tanned ones but only go for organic ones. One can also use the drink if there is an unavailability of coconut water one can use spirulina mixed with alkaline water. Coconut water is the best natural electrolyte replenisher and water replenisher. It also contains a high amount of potassium in it.


Celery Kale Apple Juice: Boosts Energy naturally

As the proverb says “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”, consuming an apple daily will give you a rich supply of nutrients especially if you have green apples. Ginger provides an increased blood circulation and also it is great for physical and mental energy, lemon in the juice is added to adverse the bitter taste of other ingredients. Lemon is a good alkaline natural supplier. It also helps to maintain the body pH and gives you a instant boost. Celery is especially known for its lowering blood pressure property.

A knob of ginger is mixed with 1 peel of lemon, 2 green apples, 4 kale leaves and 4 celery stalks and crushed and juiced with fresh ice or good alkaline water.

This drink is very good in replacing the electrolytes. Due to its high water content it is also helpful in re hydrating the body after a workout for men. This natural energy booster doesn’t have any artificial added agents and caffeine. This provides an instant boosting of energy. Always do not compromise on the ingredients and try to consume regularly.

Parsley Carrot Juice: Natural Energy Drink without any Caffeine

This juice is prepared by adding 5 carrots, 1 green apple and a small bunch of fresh parsley and mixed in a juicer.

This is a natural energy drink for men without any caffeine. It has a fresh feel when consumed. Carotene present in the carrot is good for health. It improves the metabolism of the body. Parsley is a good source of antioxidants, vitamins and micro nutrients. Green apple is also a good source of antioxidants and vitamins.

This is the easy and quickly prepares instant health drink. Always wash the carrots thoroughly before juicing up. Also try to avoid the seeds of green apple juiced up.

Fresh juice: Natural Energy Booster

One can go for orange, pomegranate, water melon, lemon, cherries, blueberries, raspberries etc or whichever is your favorite and juiced up with no sugar and ice. These are the best to prepare juices and can be consumed one or two glasses daily. One can go for mixing your favorite fruits and juiced up to make a mixed juice.

The fresh fruits contain a lot of antioxidants, vitamins, nutrients and micronutrients which are free from any artificial ingredients which are available naturally and chemical free always. Try to consume your favorite health drink regularly to boost energy and maintain energy always.

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