Sambazon Amazon Energy Original Acai Berry

Sambazon amazon energy is basically guarana energy boosting drink that will give you an instant 40 calories.

Nutrition, health, energy, the three are linked together for a perfect smart life. People are in a fast world where they are busy spending life in office and rarely spend time at home. Some People go crazy with much stuff for instant energy boosting as seen in advertisements and do not get a worthy feel. As they promise they do not work as they promise in advertisements. Some contains lot of caffeine which is not good for one’s health. Some contains high amount of sugar which cannot be taken in such huge amount to the body.

These instant energy boosters also contain preservatives, dyes, sweetening agents, flavoring agents. More over these may be acidic in nature. As time is not there for present generation its best go with good instant natural energy boosters without sugar and less caffeine.

We cannot rely on such fake energy boosters which usually make us down. So here I provide the best instant natural energy boosters.

Sambazon amazon energy

Energy booster contain in sambazon amazon energy is guarana. It will give you an instant 40 calories. It has a 0g of fat and little amount of sugar. It contains caffeine about 80 mg which actually comes from green tea and guarana in it.

These have the ability to fight against fat and helps in reducing the cholesterol levels. Studies show that guarana can increase the fat metabolism. It can reduce LDL cholesterol levels as much as 27 percent. These instant natural energy boosters are more helpful if you are far from your home where you cannot freshly prepare your own energy boosters.


Energy booster contain in BAI 5 is white tea. This drink is rich in antioxidant. Brand describes it in the label written as antioxidant infusions. This is mainly helpful in those who are looking for reduction in their weight. Especially good for dieters. It gives you a 5 calorie per bottle.

It contains a little amount of caffeine up to 35g and contain antioxidant rich tea about 200g. BAI 5 is a good antioxidant drink. The white tea, the main content in the drink contains special fat fighting compounds in high levels called catechins.

Catechins are found in high levels in the drink. The catechins mainly focus on fat cells with the ability to simultaneously boost lipolysis and block adipogenesis. These also blast the adipose tissues and increase the release of fat from fat cells and convert into energy. This drink is one among the best instant natural energy booster available in the country with less amount of sugar and caffeine.

Alo awaken

Alo awaken is a caffeine free instant natural energy booster. It does not contain any preservatives, flavors and colors. The energy booster contain in alo awaken is wheat grass.

It gives you a 60 calorie in a bottle. It has caffeine and fat. The main energy booster present is wheat grass which has a rich amount of chlorophyll. The chlorophyll present in rich amount oxygenates our body by increasing red cell production. It will also helpful in increasing the wound healing time and also boosts our immunity.
Actually the market shows a huge amount of sale in alo awaken because it is one among the instant natural energy boosters which do not have caffeine.


The property of enhancing the production of mitochondria occurs after having FRS due the energy booster called quercetin. Mitochondria are the energy producing units in our cells. Quercetin is a natural antioxidant which is very good for our health. The quercetin intake increase the mitochondrial production and improves athletic performance.

One bottle of FRS serves up to 325 mg of quercetin. The daily recommended dose is 500 to 1000 mg. daily consumption of FRS will double the mitochondrial DNA and increase the athletic performance as double. This instant natural energy booster is available in peach mango flavor.

Ito En Oi Ocha

This is a zero sugar energy drink. The bottle contains calorie free, sugar free green tea with slightly less caffeine. It is best for pre workout as it gives you a detox effect and good antioxidant activity. As green tea contains a compound called catechins, it blast the adipose tissue by promoting fat metabolism and convert them into energy. Thus this drink is taken priory to exercise to lose weight.

Recent studies show that 4 to 5 cups of green tea and half an hour of workout will help to lose weight than the non tea drinkers.

Runa Clean Energy

Runa clean energy is a zero sugar product. It has a natural energy drink called guayusa. Guayusa is a native plant in the amazon rain forest with double the antioxidant capacity than green tea. It has zero calories, zero fat and zero sugar and contains some caffeine.

Runa clean energy is also rich source of theanine which is an amino acid which gives energy and boosts your immunity.

Peteys bing beverage

Peteys bing beverage contains a energy booster called taurine. It is the best amino acid which has an ability to improve athletic performance. 500 mg of taurine three times daily for two weeks will increase the performance in exercise. It also contains Bing cherries which help in reduction of inflammation.

This is an instant natural energy booster which helps in providing instant energy. Larger amount of this drink taken will give you an additional kick.

Every drink available in the market has a different content. Each ingredient is essential to our body. People often go for instant natural energy boosters due to their lack of time. Some goes behind big brands. Always choose the best natural energy boosters by looking behind the label for the ingredients. Always confirm for low sugar and caffeine in the instant drink. Look for the expiry date before buying such products. Always buy drinks with short expiry so that it will contain less additives and preservatives. Make sure to go only for natural instant energy boosters all the time and find time to have homemade natural energy boosters when you have time.

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