Guarana Energizer

Guarana Energizer 900 MG 100 Tabs are natural energy boosters that help in boosting the energy levels in the body.

Guarana Seeds

The energy of the guarana fruits comes from its seeds as they are rich in caffeine, which is also known by the name guarana energizer. It has more caffeine content than what is found in coffee and so is a natural energy booster. This caffeine content acts as a stimulant for burning fat, supplying energy and for suppressing the appetite. Using guarana for health benefits has been an age old practice. It was formally used to treat headaches, fatigue, mental weakness, excessive weight, bacterial infections and so on. it can increase the concentration levels and also acts as an aphrodisiac.

Benefits Of Guarana Natural Energy Booster

  • Boosts energy: The ultimate benefit of guarana is for boosting energy. Guarana pills is known as one of the best natural energy booster. Guarana stimulates the flow of lipids and burns the fat to form energy. Because of its power to boost up the energy cells, this seed is used in a number of energy drinks, energy supplements, teas, sodas and acai.
  • Increase stamina: Guarana energy pills helps in increasing the stamina for better physical performance. The rich source of caffeine in guarana makes it an excellent supplement for those who wish to increase their stamina levels. Guarana contains phytonutrients and fatty molecules that make guarana to be easily absorbed providing for lasting stamina.
  • Increase endurance: The natural energy boosters with guarana in it has the power to allow the consumer to withstand endurance. This is why the energy drinks for athletes and body builders have guarana as an ingredient in it. you can also have it before intense workout session to provide you that endurance power during the workout session.
  • Stimulant: The caffeine content of Guarana makes it a stimulant. There is about 1 to 4% of caffeine content in Guarana which makes it a natural energy booster. It also stimulates the metabolism in the body helping those people who want to shed weight.
  • Mental Strength: Being a natural energy booster, guarana also helps to improve the memory and mental focus. It supports the functioning of the brain and increases the mental acuity. The presence of antioxidants provides for a sharper memory power.
  • Headaches: Guarana has also proven effective in relieving headaches and other discomforts faced at the time of PMS for women.
  • Weight loss: Guarana also works well in the weight loss field. The number of fat stored in the tissues is reduced thereby treating people suffering from cellulite and obesity. It is included in many weight loss supplements that suppresses the appetite. guarana has the ability to increase the metabolic rate that in turn decreases the fat buildup and increases the energy expenditure.
  • Constituents: Guarana seeds constitutes theophylline and theobromine which is are high in caffeine content and helps in over-stimulating and boosting the energy levels. It makes the effects of guarana last for a long time. that is, if you have has guarana supplement or any drink that contains contents of guarana then your energy levels will stay up for a longer duration.

Guarana Natural Energy Booster

The Guarana seeds are used in many supplement and energy drinks for boosting the energy levels in the body. Theses seeds contains a huge amount of caffeine in it that is responsible for increasing the metabolism of the energy cells.

Gurana Natural Energy Booster Supplements

Because of its huge energy boosting benefits, Guarana is used in a number of supplements and beverages.

  • Organic Acai Pure Energy Shot: This Guarana natural energy booster is a product by Genesis Today. It combines the benefits of Guarana with Acai and B vitamins which surely give a sudden burst of instant energy. It contains 100 mg of natural caffeine that is derived from guarana and tea leaf extract. The other ingredients of the Organic Acai Pure Energy Shot are vitamin c, vitamin B6, vitamin B12 and so on. all these components works together in promoting the body’s metabolic rate and supplies them with ample energy. A bottle of this natural energy booster contains 2 fl oz which can be had as whole whenever you feel low on energy levels.
  • GNC’s Herbal Plus Standardized: This is an energy formula by GNC which includes standardized extracts of guarana for providing a natural energy booster. it provides vitality and energy to the user with a rich combination of ingredients like Guarana, Panax Gingeng and Rhodiola. Guarana contains around 300 mg in the GNC’s Herbal Plus Standardized natural energy booster with 36 % of caffeine content in it. it is from this caffeine content that this product is able to provide the user with the needed energy levels. You can have one to two capsules per day whenever you are feeling weak or experiencing fatigue. Do not over consume it and do not have it before sleeping.
  • Guarana Max Energy Supplement: Guarana Max energy supplement is from Physio Vites that is an excellent natural energy booster. the formula contains 22 % of caffeine and not only provides sudden boost of energy but also helps to fight fatigue. There are other stimulating herbs included in the formula that helps in increasing the energy levels to a great extent. A bottle of Guarana Max natural energy booster contains 180 capsules. You can have these capsules whenever you are low on energy or before a workout session. It is widely used by athletes or sports persons to get instant energy. The product also contains fat burning properties that helps to reduce weight.
  • Acai Natural Energy Boost: Acai Natural Energy Boost is an energy supplement from Healthy To Go which contains 24 packets. For one serving you can add the contents of one packet into cold bottled water and shake it well before drinking. This natural energy booster supplement contains organic guarana that enhances the performance of the product in terms of energy supply. There is a natural blend of super fruits and B vitamins in this supplement for boosting the energy levels and for increasing stamina and endurance. The cocoa extract of the Acai Natural Energy Boost has antioxidant properties and the small sugar content in it provides energy.
  • Guarana Berry: Guarana Berry is a natural energy booster for not only the body but also the mind. this nutritional supplement is widely purchased by athletes and others who wants to withstand high endurance. Because of the presence of high caffeine content in guarana this supplement provides that sudden burst of energy needed. It supplies the body with enough physical stamina and mental strength. It improves the brain activities and you will be sharper and more focused after having this supplement. It can boosts your energy levels and also your performance levels. It can fight fatigue anytime anywhere and keep you strong.
  • Zoom dietary supplement: Zoom energy pills is a guarana natural energy booster that is packed with higher energy compounds and guarana and provides the consumer with instant supply of energy. It also includes caffeine, B vitamins and other natural stimulants for increasing the energy cells. It improves your mental focus and is a quick remedy to have whenever you feel low at work. Zoom is known to be the Ultimate Energy Pill. This natural energy booster supplies energy within 10 minutes of its intake but the effectiveness of Zoom natural energy booster won’t last as much as in the other natural energy boosters. The sudden boosts of energy would not upset your stomach.

Guarana Natural Energy Booster Energy Drinks

Red Bull Energy Drink: Red Bull is one of the most famous energy drinks that is not only energy efficient but tasty too. an energy drink full of natural energy boosting ingredients supplies a power packed energy to the consumer. the caffeine content of the Red Bull Energy Drink is has stimulating effects and has been in use for mind and body stimulation since ages. The other ingredient of Red Bull natural energy booster are sucrose, glucose, B vitamins, taurine and Alpine spring water. This is one beverage that has a hug market share with its wide success in the energy booster field.

Coco Cola Full Throttle Energy Drink: Full Throttle is an energy drink by Coca-Cola Company that provides instant energy to athletes and sportspersons. The concentration of caffeine content is around 10 mgs in Full Throttle Natural Energy Supplement. apart from caffeine the product gets its energy from guarana, the natural energy booster. the other ingredients of Full Throttle are sucrose, ginseng extract, carnitine fumarate, vitamin B3, and vitamin B6 and so on. the sugar content of Full Throttle is 16 ounces that provides the boosts in the energy cells in the body. There are three flavors for Full Throttle that is citrus, agave and berry. A combo pack of 6 energy booster Full Throttle drinks are also available.

Monster Energy Drink: Monster Energy Drink is a rich blend of guarana with other ingredients like glucose, taurine, panax ginseng, L-Carnitine, caffeine, glucuronolactone and inositol. The caffeine content is this energy drink has high power in supplying instant energy. Just as its name this energy drink is a monster in supplying energy. It gives a sudden burst of energy that will last for a long time. it has a tasty flavor too and which is why it is widely preferred. Not only for athletes and people needing high endurance, this energy drink is preferred by any one in any professional to get that instant boost of energy. There are various flavors too available for the Monster Energy Drink.

Rockstar Energy Drink: Rockstar Energy Drink is not only an energy drink but it is effective for those people who want to lose weight but does not compromise on the energy levels. The two powerful stimulants included in this natural energy booster is Guarana and Caffeine. Guarana is an effective all natural energy booster that is a safe way to boost the energy levels. Caffeine is also high in performance regarding boosting energy cells but the effective last for a short time. but when these two ingredients combined with other ingredients like Carbonated Water, Sucrose, Glucose, Citric Acid, Taurine, Natural and Artificial Flavors, Sodium Citrate, Caramel Color, Benzoic Acid, Sorbic Acid, L-Carnitine, Inositol, Niacinamide, Calcium Pantothenate, Milk Thistle Extract, Gingko Biloba Leaf Extract, Panax Ginseng Root Extract, Riboflavin, Pyridoxine Hydrochloride and Cyanocobolamin, a powerful energy drink is provided.

Guarana natural energy booster supplements acts as a natural energizer and is used in supplements and beverages for adding flavors, as cognitive stimulant and also for weight loss purpose. While purchasing the Gurana natural energy booster supplement make sure you buy the all – natural energy shot with no added sugar in it.

There are also some reports of certain side effects experienced by the users of Guarana products. So it is not recommended as an over-the-counter product.

Guarana Energizer Reviews

Overall, there are excellet user reviews stated for this product. Most of the users are happy with its usage and they are saying it’s a fantastic energy boost we have ever come across…

Review 1 states “It’s a good stuff! After taking this supplement I stopped drinking soda completely. It’s worth every penny spent.”

Review 2 states “This is a steady energy supplement that’s great for hard workouts.”

Review 3 states “Very nice! It works as said.”

Review 4 states “Great formula. I just love it…”

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