What do we see around in our daily life? We see the people who are frazzled out and see them running to reach their destinations in the never-ending traffic. Most of them are overloaded with work and they are not doing what they love to do. They are surrounded by stressors like polluted environment, personal problems, underpaid jobs and yelling bosses. So it is very obvious for a person stuck up in this vicious circle of stress to be worn out by the middle of the day; completing the whole day is rather impossible. This is just one group of the whole populace; there are other groups like couch potatoes, hard working homemakers etc. They all have something in common and that is stress, fatigue and its related issues.

In general, when people are asked what they do to cope up with the day to day stress and fatigue, most of them answer that they tend to start their day with a liter of coffee or tea to get going. Some even said proper sleep was required but they were not getting the same as they didn’t have enough time.

So does coffee, tea or even sleep just be the answer?

Well the answer is a big NO for tea and coffee. While sleep is very much required, sleep alone won’t be of any help. You need to eat the right food at the right time along with regular sleep patterns for coping with stress and fatigue.

Present day humans have evolved after millions of years of transition, but our body and mind are still linked to the very core of the green planet known as mother earth. They have been accustomed to eating natural and unprocessed food. So actually we are doing injustice to our body by providing it with processed, canned and bottled foods. I am not telling you that everything is wrong but it will be an ideal choice if we gave a second thought and go back to our roots to what our ancestors practiced to maintain a healthy living. Well you don’t have to be a cave man to get back to the roots, but you do need to think again and plan what you eat. “AS YOU SOW, SO SHALL YOU REAP” this proverb has a very apt meaning as far as our body is concerned. If you sow fertile thoughts and nutritious food into the body you will reap glowing health and happiness and if you sow frustration and junk foods you will reap everything negative. Whatever be the present state of an individual there is always a second chance to get out of every situation. So here are few rules which you can implement in your daily life to get rid of stress if not stressors. You can’t chuck out your boss but you can surely adapt to his mayhem with full energy!! Okay jokes apart, now keep reading the rest.

Put an end to iron deficiencies

Start munching on plants along with vitamin C rich food to patch up this damage. In a study conducted in the United States, it was noticed that the most common nutritional deficiency was due to lack of iron and women were among those at greater risk. Being tired is a part and parcel of a woman’s life and that’s what has been followed till date. But it is high time that you make a change to that thought else you will get stuck up with anemia a serious problem that can occur due to iron deficiency. If you still don’t chose to make any changes you will end up in the hospital like ‘Selena Gomez’ did as she fainted in the middle of her show due to undernourishment and lack of iron.

Have you lately had cravings for chalks, rice grains, ice or even paper?

If yes, then you could be having an iron deficiency. It is a very common temptation among iron deficient people to have craving towards such items. To add more you will start looking pale with headaches, exhaustion, short breaths and dizziness. You can also feel your heart pounding irregularly. All these are typical symptoms of having iron deficiency or even anemia. These are actually experienced by many women around the world but they just ignore it and get going. So those who are reading this make sure next time when you get any of these symptoms instead of ignoring it you better start eating healthy. Certain plant sources that can help you get rid of iron deficiencies are strawberries, potatoes, watermelon, apples, parsley and leafy greens like spinach. But make sure you combine these with Vitamin C rich foods like citrus fruits as iron cannot be absorbed in the body without the help of this unique vitamin.

Balanced diet means healthy living

Include fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins, fats and other extras as a part of your daily diet but of course in moderation. Eating very less or more of these items is not recommended as they do not provide any benefit to your body. The excess nutrients are either thrown out or they are stored as fat within the body. Don’t be concerned about what experts say, as one might say a particular type of food is good for your health and you will hear the exact opposite from another. So rather than jamming your head with opinions from others just turn to the nature and choose foods based on their color and freshness. Start eating healthy varieties which are fresh and free of toxins and mainly stop counting the calories. Instead keep experimenting on what food you like and include the favorite ones into your diet. By doing so as time passes you will notice that you have started making healthier choices. Never do anything in a rush, make changes slowly as drastic changes made in food habits are short lived. Along with a balanced diet, drink plenty of water and do exercises as they are very important for the whole body. I would like to quote a famous saying which has inspired me a lot. “With the wrong diet, no medicine can help. With the right diet, no medicine is necessary.”

Is caffeine a fix for your problems?

There was a picture message along with a text which I got lately in my gadget and it goes like this
Doctor: Stop drinking caffeine or your heart will blow up.
Patient: But doc… caffeine helps me to stay calm and focused!!
Doctor: Do you want to be calm and focused when your heart blows up??
Patient: well uhhh!! Good point.
When I read this I felt like it was just another message among the usual ones. But one day when I was scrolling through the old message archives I read this again and just for the sake of curiosity I browsed about caffeine products. I was totally taken aback by the details which I read from WebMD as they had mentioned ‘caffeine is not a stress reliever but a stress exaggerator’. This was really a blow to me as I can never imagine starting a day without a cup of coffee. For me breakfast means having coffee. Otherwise, I can’t get on my heels and keep running the whole day. I forgot to notice that I wasn’t actually free from stress even by having loads of coffee since years. That is when I started consuming less of caffeine products and instead started substituting it with fruit juices and other energy drinks. It is estimated that 85% of adults in the United States consume caffeine in the form of coffee, tea or sodas and on an average, the daily intake is somewhere around 3 to 4 cups a day. This is certainly alarming because caffeine is a stimulant and it offers false energy. You might feel energetic and lively when the stimulant is at its peak but after sometime it just drops off and make you feel more tired and that is when you go for another cup. But why to consume it if it is not going to give you a permanent solution? Better look for natural alternatives and I am not asking you to stop drinking coffee. You can have it once in a while in moderate amounts. Stay away from caffeine addiction to have a healthy heart and normal blood pressure levels.

Get going with a healthy breakfast

Having food after a long fast is called breakfast since you don’t eat until the next morning. So basically first thing you ought to do is not to skip breakfast from your schedule. Then you need to decide about the food choices you are going to have for breakfast. You can include fruits high in antioxidants, essential fats which come along with nuts and seeds. Most importantly you should consume some carbs and proteins in your morning meal to keep going the whole day. Just eating something for a breakfast won’t help you to keep away fatigue so you need to choose the right foods. Having a healthy breakfast can keep you away from obesity, cardio ailments, diabetes and high blood pressures. Having food is a need but having it intelligently is indeed an art!

Consume natural foods

God has been so generous towards mankind that he gave us brains and all the five senses but still we don’t make proper use of it. The reason why I am saying this is most of us like to have processed foods which have very little health benefits compared to the unprocessed ones loaded with energy. A simple example would be about the very famous fruit which has been a matter of controversy since Adam and Eve came into existence. Yes I am taking about apples!!

You can either have a fresh apple or opt for an apple sauce or even an apple pastry. Now the second and third choices are more tempting than the apple itself. But where vitamins and essential minerals are considered, the first one is an ideal choice. The apple sauce and apple pastries are processed foods that have lost their nutritional value while being converted from the raw form. This is just an example. So just consider all the processed foods that you eat; you are indeed losing a lot of vitamins and friendly enzymes that could actually benefit your body. Eating natural foods in its original form is more beneficial than the processed forms. Natural and real foods help you to keep your weight in check and also provide you with loads of energy than its counterparts. So start making healthy choices.

Super fruits: Eat with variety

Having a fruit daily is good for your health as well for your good looks but having the same produce daily over and again is not the correct way. Many studies have claimed that people who eat diverse varieties of fruits each day as part of their meal are less prone to oxidative stress which is essentially an antecedent to aging and other ailments. Fruits are the finest source of natural sugars and they are also jam-packed with vitamins. Different fruits have different composition of vitamins and minerals, so if you keep consuming the same produce daily it is actually of little benefit. Most of us heavily nibble on bananas as they are perennial fruits and are readily obtainable. I agree there are no undesirable effects if you eat a banana daily but at the same time you are making yourself devoid of other nutrients which can be obtained only by eating other fruits. So make it a point to eat variety of fruits in judicious amounts on a daily basis so that you will be replenished with all essential substances. I think it’s high time to change the usual cliché “An apple a day keeps the doctor away “instead practice the recent formula “5 a day keeps the doctor away”. This 5 a day concept is also endorsed by WHO. It simply means that you should be including 5 portions of different fruits and veggies in your daily diet on a daily basis to have a healthy life span free of ailments. So think wise and act smart while choosing your diets. When you feel like having a snack at an odd time go for a low fat, low in calorie and healthy snack such as a fruit.

Shun energy blocking foods

Our body is a biological organism and we just make it suffer a lot due to our addictions towards caffeine, alcohol, processed foods and other negative impact foods. Most of us make the worst choices when it comes to foods that help us to manage our energy and body. Recent studies suggest that all these stimulants, sugars and processed foods contribute to impair our nervous system and hinder its natural functioning. Avoiding all these at a stretch may not be possible but you can do it slowly by listing out all the items which causes energy drains in your life and deal with it individually one a time. Your body is a portrait of your soul so keep it clean and healthy as it is the only place you have to live in.

Embrace healthy fats

Nobody likes a skinny person trust me on that. Stop the obsession of avoiding healthy fats from your diet as that is only going to harm you and is not of any help. Eating anything in moderation will not harm you so make sure you consume healthy fats from natural foods to maintain a balance in your body. When I say healthy fats don’t mix it up with unhealthy fats chose natural foods like dairy products, nuts and fruits like avocado.

Why do we need healthy fats?

1) To provide energy for our metabolism. Do you know that one gram of fat gives exactly nine calories of energy which is 2 times as that obtained by the same amount of carbs or proteins? So stop neglecting healthy fats.
2) To transfer, stock up and absorb vitamins like A, D, E and K which are fat soluble. So if you say no to healthy fats you are going to ward of these useful vitamins.
3) Healthy fats acts as an insulation sheath for your vital organs so it is better not to mess with it.
4) Certain healthy fats like omega fats cannot be produced by the body so supply it through your diet.
5) Certain anti-oxidants cannot function without the help of healthy fats. So dress your salads with moderate amounts of fats once in a while.
6) Both good looks and healthy hormone functioning needs healthy fats.

Eat in accordance with the season

In a research study conducted in England by the Ministry of Agriculture, they found that the nutrient content of pasteurized milk had remarkable differences in summer and winter. The difference in the nutritional levels were due to the diet of the cows in the two seasons. The cows consumed fresh plants in summer so it had beta-carotene content high in its milk and during winter it had salt preserved foods which made it to give milk high in iodine content. So basically what I am trying to say is seasons change to modify the earth and its resources. We life forms undergo changes with the change in seasons. So rather than going against the nature, why don’t we settle for foods that are available locally and which are seasonal. Mix yourself the seasons flavor rather than jumping into a supermarket which shelves all food items in a similar fashion whether it is December or April. You are actually doing a double favor to your body as well the local farmers by consuming foods which are local and seasonal.

Is it good to pick frozen foods?

Well this question is a bit complicated. In general I would say it’s better to avoid iced food when you have the option of getting natural and fresh foods in the vicinity. But if that isn’t the case, then frozen foods would be good as they contain potential nutrients sheltered in them due to cold temperatures. Natural foods which are frozen without any preservatives or chemicals are the best options. When a fruit or veggie is picked it starts losing its nutrients so the time gap between its harvesting and when it was packed is a matter of importance. Freezing them as soon as the harvest is over will help to lock all the nutrients intact without losing them. But it is not the same case when you buy from a supermarket; the food available there are harvested hundreds of miles away and artificially ripened after they reach their destinations. So frozen food are good as long as it is free from toxins and preservatives.

Let bygones be bygones. Start afresh and start eating healthy. I appreciate your patience in reading this whole article and I would like you to focus on the best conceivable option which you can consolidate in your life. It isn’t necessary for you to follow other people’s opinion, but you can utilize your own practical judgment skills and choose what is the best for you. My mum always says everything has a meaning, and it is we who should take the positives out of it and discard the negatives. Whether it is an article or a nourishment decision, always take the quintessence of it and use it for the better. As an individual, I have started making my own choices for practicing good eating habits. Balanced diet is my first priority as I have a whole family and their happiness to look after.

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