To have a healthy and energy bursting body, only slight changes in the diet and lifestyle is necessary. To have a perfectly energy filled body all the organs should have the energy needed for their functions. Energy boosting foods should work on the digestion, brain, heart and all over the body. There are separate energy boosters for each organ. Brain needs to get rid of the stress hormones that can deplete the energy. Handling the stress itself is energy boosting. Proper digestion makes the energy release faster and the body will feel energized quickly. In order to have quick energy boosting, the diet also should have such nutrients that can provide instant and long lasting energy. Slow digesting or absorbing molecules can provide energy boosting for longer period. With the help of energy boosting diet the fatigue and mid day crash etc will be long forgotten.

While formulating an energy boosting diet, plan all the meals properly. There are any number of natural energy boosting food items that are rich in protein, carbohydrates, fiber etc. choose from these items and plan your meals properly. Before deciding what to eat at which time, one need to know about the natural energy boosting food items that are well known but not many know that they are perfect energy boosting items. They are rich in energy but contain fewer calories than the instant junk food.

Few natural energy boosting food items

  • Almonds that are raw and non salted are a good source of healthy protein and fats that help balance the blood sugar level. It can also prevent some cardiovascular diseases as well.
  • Apple is the best prevention against diseases.
  • Banana is rich in potassium and vitamins. It slows the digestion process and does energy boosting for the body for a long time. This will also regulate the blood sugar level.
  • Bran flakes contain iron, vitamins, magnesium, and fiber. The fiber keeps the stomach full and control the blood sugar. The iron is utilized for hemoglobin and indirectly helps in natural energy boosting by more oxygen transportation.
  • Dark chocolate is one of the best energy boosters. Everyone knows that chocolates are not healthy but it is not so with dark chocolates. With its iron and magnesium dark chocolates can provide natural energy boosting for long time.
  • Eggs are the perfect energy boosting breakfast ingredient. With its fat, protein, iron and the vitamin B choline, it energizes the body and brain. At least one egg a day can provide enough energy boosting to survive a few hours.
  • Ginger tea or Green tea contains lots of antioxidants that protect the cells from any damage. The other nutrients can give natural energy boosting perfect for an afternoon.
  • Lemon contains vitamin C that reduces the stress hormones that depletes the energy. With vitamin C in the body there will be more and more energy and with the proper diet along with it becomes a perfect energy boosting anytime. Add lemon or lemon juice into the meals or drinks and keep the boosting the body with energy.
  • Lentils and legumes are loaded with energy boosting protein and can regulate the blood sugar level that helps in avoiding mid day crash.
  • Oatmeal and Salmon has have omega 3 fatty acids that are used as primary energy boosters. This also helps in brain function, heart and circulation etc. The protein and fiber that keeps the stomach full.
  • Spices can boost the energy and regulate the blood sugar and promote better circulation.
  • Spinach: Yes, Popeye’s secret definitely is a natural energy booster. It contains nitrates and iron. The can be energy boosters by all means. Nitrates improve the blood vessel health and increase the circulation that helps reach all the nutrients to their destinations.
  • Water not only keeps the body hydrated but also helps in the circulation of the nutrients. This will provide all the energy producing sites to have the proper supplies for energy boosting.
  • Whole grains have complex carbohydrates that are slow digesting compounds. They are the best energy boosters that having starch, sugar or other non healthy carbohydrates.
  • Yogurt contain good amount of calcium and Probiotic that helps in proper digestion. It promotes immunity and be an energy booster as well.

How to Plan your meals?

  • Clean the inside: The body cleansing to expel the toxins and other waste is the first step towards better health and the first natural energy booster. A clean body and gut can have better digestion that helps release energy and provide proper nutrition. A clean gut can help flourish good bacteria. Have a Probiotic drink first thing in the morning help tackle all the energy that comes later.
  • Split the meals: Instead of 3 meals a day, split it into 5 a day. Plan them properly and divide the energy boosting items properly distributed so that the body will always have energy and there are no crashes anytime. If there is regular crash time then try to have more amounts of energy boosters prior to that time.
  • Breakfast: Have 2 eggs in any form with a good portion of fruits and toast. With a bowl of cereal with a few almonds or fruits makes a healthy breakfast that ensures energy boosting until it is time for the next meal. Have a small cup of yogurt during mid morning will keep the body steady and free from fatigue. Skipping breakfast is the biggest crime one can do to their body. After many hours of starvation the body needs as much energy boosting as possible.
  • Mid Morning Snack: a cup of yogurt with some fruits and 7-10 almonds is perfect to have some energy boosting till the lunch. Adding some crushed sunflower seeds or pumpkin seeds also may be added into the yogurt. Adding blueberries also are beneficial energy boosters.
  • Lunch: Lunch is perfect with a grilled salmon and a healthy portion of salad. Do not forget to add spinach and cucumber. Season it with lemon squeeze and ginger. Ginger is an excellent energy booster and spinach assist in the energy boosting processes. A veggie sandwich also is an instant energy booster for the body. The spike of energy that is brought during the lunch helps survive for the rest of the evening well.
  • Evening snack should be rich in natural energy boosters. Most of the dry fruits are natural energy boosting food. Make a mix of dried fruits with some raisins or dates in it for the sweet taste. These ingredients digests slow and keep up the natural energy boosting process of slow release of energy into the system that lasts longer.
  • Dinner: Have brown rice and some roasted asparagus or cooked lentils for dinner. The protein and carbohydrates are more comfortable for the body towards the end of the day. It also checks the blood sugar and insulin production also can e reduced during the sleep time. Take small portions if having spicy dish as it is very good natural energy boosting item. Have an early dinner so that the body digests the consumed food and make it ready for a sound sleep.
  • Dessert should be taken at least 2 hrs before bedtime. A fibrous low fat smoothie is a more than enough for a dessert at night. The fiber helps regulate and smoothens the bowel movements, as well keep the digestion and blood sugar in control for perfect energy boosting during the night. A glass of warm milk can also suffice which also helps induce good sleep.

Is it food or the metabolism that boosts energy?

Food is the source of energy and metabolism is the process by which the body generates energy from the food. Both these go hand in hand and work as a team for perfect energy boosting, all the time. A problem or deficiency in one of them can cause the ultimate outcome on the energy of the whole body. For proper metabolism one should have healthy and natural energy boosting food. Not all food items have energy boosting ingredients. Energy boosters are those food items that can supply long lasting and rapid energy for the body to function or to trigger the body to have constant supply of energy. The above mentioned food items are such. Having any of them at constant intervals can keep up the healthy body functions even if a person do not have a full meal in a day.

Balancing the food ingredients in the perfect way is the key to healthy energy boosting. The body needs adequate boosting of energy not a whole load of it. Body needs nutrients to help with its duties. The body does not need stimulants but some resources from which it can generate energy. That is why having caffeine can curb the tiredness for a while but later going back to the initial stage.

Select wise, eat wise, and spend wise, that is the secret to an energy filled and healthy body. Select that food which is rich source of energy. Eat the right portion needed by the body. While spending the energy, know your body, know the extent to which the body can sustain without fatigue and fuel up accordingly.

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