I hear the wretched sound of my alarm and I wake up. Its only 7 am on a Monday morning. I have only two hours and I am already tired and grumpy. It’s cold outside as its monsoon season and I do not want to get out of bed. We have all been there and it’s not fun.
I did just finish shaking the last drops of coffee from an upside –down mug into my mouth. I feel an overwhelming urge to cry and it hits me bad again to think it is only 7am on a Monday morning. I had already blown through my entire energy strategy for the day. I was thinking how I was supposed to survive the next 15 hours of deadlines, meetings and kids? Turns out I am not the only woman or man who feels exhausted even before the day has started. Sigh! We crave it, lust after it, would give our first born, a little exaggeration here but for gaining more energy levels we would do anything. Energy is the hot currency in this breathless, sleep derived, 100-miles-per-hour world.

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We have set our energy bar so high and we are squeezing more and more out of our lives that it is leaving us pressured with unrealistic and overwhelming reverse reaction making us feel totally drained. We are running from pole to pillar to fulfill our tasks and instead of focusing at one chore at a time we try to multitask which leaves us exhausted.

What is Energy?

Energy gives us the ability to do work .Energy causes things to happen around us. Consuming proper food boosts our energy. We definitely need energy. When we eat, our bodies transform the energy stored in food into energy to do work.

Everything we do involves energy. Getting up, going to school, going out to buy things and also doing chores to name a few requires energy.

Some tips on how you can have Energy to survive the whole day

  • “Early to bed early to rise makes a man healthy wealthy and wise” is a famous quote that we have heard numerous times. We all have a social life be it parties or just hanging out with friends not to mention kids’ playtime or birthday parties and so on but whatever be the case or how late you went to sleep you should force yourself to wake up at the same time so that your body gets synced. Our Circadian rhythm is a fancy term to describe our body clock. Waking up at the same time also stabilizes your circadian rhythm. So what happens is you feel tired at the same time and also wake up the same time every morning.
  • We all know how awful it is to go to work waking up late and having to rush to work or an appointment without having a chance to eat or shower. That kind of hectic morning is likely to wear us off. Lack of breakfast makes you tired and with no energy.
  • Leaving your blinds or curtain open allows the sunlight to enter in your room so its natural light makes you feel energetic. Your brain gives you alertness when you get natural light and breeze. Sun is a source of vitamin D which is a natural source of energy.
  • Exercising in the morning will surely boost energy levels. Walking, jogging, cycling, weight training and hitting the gym are great options. You could even just do short easy workouts such as some jumping, crunches or pushups. It’s good for your cardio and avoids exercising in the evenings which is close to bedtime and it may affect your sleep.
  • Before I sit down for breakfast though I take very light one, I like to kick off my day also with some yoga stretches and meditation. I don’t do the same everyday but alter them each day and when I feel it’s too slow, I go for walks and skip.
  • Never skip breakfast as its an import meal to begin your day. It really boosts your energy levels all day long.
  • Set your alarm clock to play your favorite music that will boost your energy because you feel happy as you wake up and will feel fresh.
  • Consume caffeine shortly after waking up. when you drink a cup, your grogginess in the morning will disappear shortly and give you energy to pull through the day.
  • As I have said earlier, having a light snack if you are not a breakfast person like me. Trust me when you have it, you will see you are pumped with energy.
  • Stimulating our minds by doing something fun will give energy. When I say this, I mean I schedule myself in advance because of busy schedule in the mornings I take about like 10 minutes to either listen to my favorite song, watch TV, make a call to my friend, play video game with my son before he leaves for school, something fun that will surely boost your energy.
  • Before getting out of bed I think of three things to say thanks to every day. That’s like waking up with a positive note and this has helped me to keep my energy level whole day.
  • I sit and write down a list of grocery or anything important. It’s kind do distressing myself so that my mind is free and I can actually get a good night sleep and when I am up the next day I am not tired because of the worry of lack of sleep.

Some of the dos and don’ts when you go to sleep

  • An hour before sleeping, switch off all the gadgets. That will definitely be stress free.
  • When you are in bed at that time when your gadgets are off do not watch TV or listen to music.
  • Don’t worry and go to sleep. Surely you be tossing and turning. Either write down what you have to do the following day or talk out with who you are staying with.
  • Quality time with family is a must. It really de stresses and you get to know what’s happening in each person’s life.
  • Switch off the lights and make your room totally dark that will help you to sleep better and keep it cool. Even the slightest of lights will disrupt your sleep.
  • Never sleep with a half empty stomach and also too full a stomach. In both cases you suffocate and the stomach hurts and you just can’t get sleep that will leave you so tired the next day.
  • I use an Exfoliate, tone and use a facial serum that helps me feel fresh and renewed. When you feel you look ok, you feel good within and it helps boost your energy and face your day with confidence.
  • You can do yoga or meditation to relax your mind or a nice massage that will relax your nerves and you will be able to sleep good.
  • Don’t make it a habit to drink wine and sleeping on it can cause abnormal sleep and you will surely lack energy.

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Foods and Supplements to boost your energy levels

First of all drinking a bottle of water as you wake up in the morning really adds lots of energy. Consume lots of water as the day goes by as it is a natural energy booster. There are certain drinks that can boost our energy before breakfast.

Green Cocktail is a combination of chlorophyll and probiotic. Why I recommend Chlorophyll is that it gives oxygen supply to the blood and enhances vitality. Probiotics helps in digestion by restoring flora in the gut. It enhances thyroid function so your metabolism is intact.
Having a cup of coffee also boosts energy but don’t make it a mistake of having it at noon which can affect sleep at night.
For breakfast have protein based meals because it can keep your energy levels high. Chia seed pudding, Green Smoothie or organic eggs with avocado. If you tend to have grain based breakfasts it can disrupt your blood sugar levels causing you to be sloppy and lack of energy by noon.

If you are hungry by mid morning, try to have fruits like half an avocado. It is so good that the fat helps to protect mitochondria in your cells from damaging and causing severe problems with health. If your mitochondria are healthy, you are safe and your energy levels are on the higher side.

For afternoon lunch I suggest you go for MarinaTed Kale salad. There are two types of people in the world. Those which love Kale and those who haven’t yet tried. If you are part of Kale mafia I don’t need to convince you about how delicious it is. Having it with pumpkin seeds crushed and chicken which is organic is an ideal lunch and it really boosts the energy level. Kale watercress and arugula helps the liver. It removes toxins from your body, else you might feel very sleepy and also sluggish. Salads are always a health and energy booster.
At noon you can indulge in snacks like a fruit, raw nuts or green juices. Avoid packed foods because you have to be sure of its expiry date and it’s not very healthy. Having fruits like apple or a pear is super fast food. Nuts and seeds pump up your energy level and also it’s good for skin and hair. Having green juices like green apple juice which are good sources of vitamins leave you revitalized and your brain is alert.

Indian cooking has loads of curry and use turmeric the spice in most of the food. All I knew at first was yes it turns the meal yellow and is antiseptic. But I realized and also read that it increases I-gluthathine .This antioxidant is definitely a key in sustaining energy levels.
Also at times we cannot rely on food itself for vitamins but along with our intake we need to have supplements and Vitamin B complex is one of the best. Vitamin B creates energy which is often robbed by stress and alcohol. Even having a multivitamin in the morning really helps. There are natural supplements in the market which contains fruits and vegetables.


Mornings are certainly so hard to wake up because sure, your comforter is warm and you want to keep sleeping which will in turn reduce your energy levels during the day. As I said, sleep on time take your food on time, doesn’t unnecessarily stress and worry and don’t multitask. Seriously being productive as the day starts and feeling bursts of energy from morning surely makes a whole lot of difference in our attitude and our tasks.


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