All of us need to find some ways to boost energy in the morning and in the afternoon. The giddy morning and the midday crash are most common. Though there are so many natural ways to boost energy, most of us rely on caffeine. Caffeine is a natural stimulator but is also addictive and later the body may not function properly without getting the regular dose. This is why it is advised to go natural and find all natural ways to boost energy, regardless of the time. It is the natural ways of energy boosting that can sustain longer and help the body adapt to the changes needed.

Here we will see 2 surprising all natural ways to boost energy. These are easy to incorporate into the lifestyle. The best thing about these ways to boost energy is that there is no preparations, cooking or even dedicated time to do so. Of these 2 natural ways, one we do on regular basis, knowingly and unknowingly, and the other we do sometimes but do not pay much attention. They are laughter and tapping the thymus.

Laughter is the best therapy for all health hazards, well, majority of all at least, and the tapping the thymus, we might do it when we feel too tensed and keep out fist or hand at the centre of the chest area. It is this centre of the chest area where the lymphoid organ thymus situates and by pressing or tapping that area we are actually stimulating the entire body to have natural energy. Lets go deeper into these 2 surprising all natural ways to boost energy.

Why Tap your Thymus

Thymus is the immune system surveillance. The word thymus is originated from the Greek word Thymus which means “life energy”. It is this organ that produces and directs the killer cells lymphocytes to act and keep the life energy going at a steady speed. The various immune boosting acts can turn this organ stagnant and yet produce the lymphocytes but stay inactive mostly. By tapping the thymus, we are reactivating this organ to function normally. By getting this organ back in action what we get is a stimulation in the energy production and activation of many enzymes. The immunity boost is next step along with the strength and vitality the body showing. The body is also able to regain the stability and balance and ward off many allergies that has been bothering all of a sudden.

How to tap your thymus

Thymus gland is at the centre of the chest area. Remember the spot in the chest area where you feel so tight, place the thumb over this area and press gently to give a pressure, urging the organ to wake up.

You may also scratch, thump or give a little pressure there. Use the thumb or the four finger to apply pressure or rub soft but firmly. Do this for 20-30 seconds, everyday regularly. The same can also be done whenever you feel tired. A stimulation is all this organ need to fins its way to boost energy. It is this organ that connects the physical and emotional balance of the body. Make it a habit to practice this to have regular energy stimulation.

Laugh your way to boost energy

Laughter does not need any kind of expenditure and can be done anytime of the day, even at work. Laughter is a stress buster and is the easiest ways to boost energy. No matter how stressed you are, watching a comedy show at night can relieve of most of the tension, that is the magic of this way to boost energy. Laughter boost energy in many ways than one.

Laughter triggers the release of the happy chemicals from the brain that can boost the immunity and its responses. In fact it is a cocktail of chemicals that ate produced inside our body after a small session of laughter. All enzymes and necessary hormones are released into the blood and they find their ways to do all that are needed, resulting in energy boosting. The chief way to boost energy in natural way, by laughter, is by producing endorphins that are the happy chemical. This chemical control the positive feel and happiness. It improves the self confidence and increases a feel of wellness as well.

A good 5-10 minutes of laughter involves many muscles. This will improve the circulation and in turn the muscles seem to relax and major part of stress and related hormones are reduced inside. Laughter has its way to remove the emotional block and set the mind free. Sometimes, these blocked emotional balance can lead to stress and the problems, ultimately make us feel tired and lack of enough energy. Laughter reduces those negative chemical production and this is why laughing for a while can reverse those changes and in the end, gibe a boost to energy.

Less stress boost energy

With these 2 all natural ways to boost energy shows that the ultimate boost to energy is possible only of there is a control on the stress level inside the body. Stress and energy goes poles apart. It is not possible to have full time energy and it is impossible to completely eliminate stress from modern life. The solution is to find a bridge that connects them and reduce the distance. The laughter and thymus tapping is the best natural way to boost energy and bridge the gap.

Both laughter and tapping the thymus is like recharging the batteries to have the body function to the fullest. The body needs this energy boost to carry out the daily chores. It is also the natural way to boost energy inside the body without any chemicals or side effects. Find a few minutes or seconds to laugh out loud and give a thymus massage when possible, to have a revitalized body that finds its own natural ways to boost energy as the life goes on.

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