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We grew up hearing ‘milk is healthy for you’. What exactly is healthy about milk? Milk, cow’s milk as we are familiar with, contains calcium, potassium, and protein as the major contents that make the major part. It also has vitamins for the various uses. In fact, it is one of the quickest whole nutrition foods. It says having more milk can increase your total energy intake.

This is where things get interesting when we know that camel milk contains more of this nutrition and energy than in cow’s milk. Desert Farms has emerged the leader in supplying pure and fresh camel milk. Will the Desert Farms camel milk help you get more energy as it says? Let us find out.

What is energy? Energy in milk!

Energy is the production of ATP molecules from the food particles we eat. Each food particle, upon its breakdown, produces a certain number of these ATP molecules. The more we get, we say more energetic the food is.
In that regard, we have protein and fats as the leading contenders for higher energy. The Desert Farm camel milk contains a much higher concentration of vitamin B1 and other vitamins as well. Camel milk carries the major share of calories in its protein and contains very less amount of fats. Cow’s milk has the major share of calories coming from fats. There, camel milk stands higher than cow’s milk, in producing energy from the useful molecules rather than what contributes to the fat deposition.

Camel milk supplies more energy, how?

Provides nutrition

  • Camel milk contains several essential nutrients in a higher proportion that helps in the health enhancement. You can have a healthier body with regular consumption of camel milk. Desert Farms supplies the milk fresh and without losing its nutrition in anyways. All the protein minerals and vitamins are intact in it and you get the full benefits when you consume.
  • Phosphorus is a mineral seen in every cell and tissue of the body. It is needed for the smooth functioning of the cells and for the strength of bones and teeth as well. Phosphorus is an important element for the energy production. It is part of the energy molecules- ATP. The ATP molecules are phosphates. It is also part of our DNA and RNA and is needed for the cell production or repair and protein synthesis. Phosphorus is seen in hemoglobin that carries oxygen through the blood.
  • Vitamin B1 is another major component for the production of ATP- the energy molecule. It is also needed for the metabolism of glucose and protein. The body uses this vitamin in its phosphorylated forms. It acts as a coenzyme for many enzymes. It is important for the electrolyte balance in the body, the formation of the myelin sheath of the nerves and for the lifespan of red blood cells.
  • Proteins: You get more energy when you have more or adequate amount of protein in the diet. It is highly significant than the sugars or fats. Camel milk has a higher rate of protein in it. It contains 10% of the total protein requirement for the day.
  • Potassium is an important mineral for the muscles and electrolytes. It ensures proper functioning of the cardiac and digestive muscles. It maintains blood pressure and improves bone health.
  • Calcium: We know that calcium is important for bones and teeth. It is also useful for energy production that low calcium levels can leave us feeling lethargic. Calcium ‘signals’ the energy production, as it moves in and out of the cells. It helps the cells to maintain the energy production.
  • Other vitamins: Niacin, like thiamine or Vitamin B1, is part of the energy producing cycle in the cells. It is important for the digestive and nervous systems. These vitamins are involved in the carbohydrate and protein metabolism. It is part of the energy packages like NAD and NADP, by being a far away precursor.

Other benefits of Desert Farms camel milk with energy

Energy is produced inside the body, yes. It needs preservation or maintenance that the body gets it constantly or regularly. Under the circumstances of diseases and when the immunity is under attack, the energy production happens but it is diverted to this defense system. The body lacks the total energy share and we feel tired too soon. This is why fatigue is the primary indication of something going wrong inside our bodies.

The Desert Farms camel milk preserves its nutrition well enough so that we get it ready. These nutrients help in the energy production as well as in the preservation of this energy in the right direction. The benefits of camel milk also include the immune system boosting in various ways and help to tackle serious diseases like diabetes, blood pressure etc.

  • Prebiotics: Camel milk is highly prebiotic that makes the substrate for the good bacteria to grow on. There are plenty of oligosaccharides in camel milk that nourish the beneficial gut bacteria in our system. It corrects the digestive disorders, boosts the immunity, and helps maintain the body weight as well.
  • Healthy digestive system: Camel milk is supportive of the digestive system in many ways. It promotes the growth of good bacteria to have proper digestion and fewer allergies. Apart from that, it contains anti-diarrheal components that can reduce upset stomach. People with IBS can benefit with camel milk with fewer symptoms. It can prevent the growth of colon cancer cells and reduces the formation of gastric ulcers.
  • Immune boosters: Camel milk also has the direct immune boosting molecules like the immunoglobulins that can improve the immune activity. Camel milk contains several active enzymes that are part of the defense. It can minimize allergic reactions and maintains a healthy immunity. It can even reduce the severity of autoimmune diseases.
  • Anti-diabetic: Camel milk contains insulin like substance that helps in the metabolism of blood glucose and regulates its level. This insulin-like structure is minute in size and is easier to pass through the bloodstream. It controls diabetes and can prevent or delay its occurrence.
  • Reduced allergies: Compared to cow’s milk, camel milk lacks the casein that is the major allergy-causing element. People who are lactose intolerant can have camel milk and get the full benefits of milk without any allergic reactions.
  • Low in fat: Camel milk contains very less amount of fat, almost half of that in cow’s milk. It helps reduce the fat deposition and maintains good cholesterol level. The fatty acid sin camel milk promotes the good cholesterol that automatically lowers the bad cholesterol level in the body. It regulates the blood pressure and maintains better cardiovascular health.

How does camel milk help in getting more energy?

Camel milk supplies the components needed for the energy production. It reduces the occurrence of diseases and allergies that can divert the available energy. It reduces these diseases so that the energy produced is readily available for the right causes. In short, it leaves you with more energy than usual for your daily needs. The body is healthier and is getting proper nutrition through healthy digestion. It prevents fatty liver condition so that the liver can function properly and eliminate the problem causing toxins from the body.

In short, camel milk maintains the body in a good shape and state with fewer troubles, in comparison with cow’s milk.


All you need to do is to place the order in advance so that you get the supply regularly and timely. You can place the order online and Desert Farm camel milk will be shipped anywhere in the US.

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