The Turnaround Program Standard

Turnaround is a situational therapy told through a story to take the child’s mind to the world where he or she has to face the possible causes of their own anxiety and help them find their way out. Turnaround is much better and natural than having other types of anxiety therapies.

Turnaround is an electronic program that helps children get over their anxiety without using any medicines or drugs. Anxiety is common among children which usually get revived as they grow elder. But for some, the anxiety and the reasons for that remains the same. This can make their life tougher. Turnaround Anxiety is a unique program that interacts with the children and helps them get over their fear and anxiety through stories and real-life like tasks.

What is child anxiety and what are the symptoms?

It is not difficult to see the anxiety in children but there are other subtle symptoms that we are not well aware of. Anxiety is an emotional stress to the children and at their age, they will have difficulty dealing with it. They would also have several occasions where their anxiety is triggered and they suffer a lot. You need to know the symptoms to check if your child is one among them and to do what is necessary to help them with.

There are several types of anxiety in children. There is general fear, separation anxiety, post-traumatic anxiety, obsessive one, and social anxiety. Though there are several names and different causes for each, anxiety, in general, evoke the similar reactions.


The general symptoms are stomachaches, fatigue, muscle pain, vomiting etc that are commonly seen. Angry outbursts, resistance, and superstitious behavior are all part of anxiety disorders.

Fear is the first thing that most children show when they have to face the cause of their anxiety. It is this fear that leads to the digestive problems. The fear can be any external factor like an animal, situations, environmental etc. Panic attacks are also seen in extreme anxiety situations.

Natural cure for anxiety

The best way to tackle is to avoid such situations. This makes it easier for the parent and comfortable for the child. But that does not eliminate the root cause of the problem. The child needs to acknowledge the problem and find a way to get out of this web. That cannot be done with medications or therapies to an extent.

Turnaround is a situational therapy told through a story to take the child’s mind to the world where he or she has to face the possible causes of their own anxiety and help them find their way out. It is much better and natural than having other types of anxiety therapies. it is well appreciated by the children, parents and the professional therapists.

Turnaround was created to communicate with the children through their own world and get them out of the shell they have created. This program tells stories, creates situations, and provides homework with multiple choice questions for the child to answer.

Benefits of Turnaround anxiety

  • Turnaround anxiety is child-friendly program that is available in many formats. One may choose the convenient format for best use.
  • It avoids the greatest hazard of therapy- medications. There are no medications that can possibly cause side effects.
  • It is easy to use and can be used at home itself. The child can find a convenient time and spend some time on the program.
  • Turnaround program provides the same effects as the professional therapy. Only here, it is done in the comfort of home for the child.
  • It is mobile friendly with a mobile app available now.
  • It is an award winning innovative therapy idea and guarantees money back if the child could not cure the anxiety.
  • Turnaround is a 10-day program that progresses step by step and does not rush the child. Each day it is 30 minutes session.
  • Turnaround can work for a variety of anxiety problems.
  • It is suitable for children from the age 6 to 10.
  • It comes as digital downloadable version, in CDs, journal as well as a mobile app. There also are programs that combine different types.

What is Turnaround Anxiety?

Turnaround anxiety makes the children face their fear and urges them to get over the situation. It is done through the program during a period of 10 days. Without any third party interference, the children can handle the tools provided and deal with the situations by themselves.

Turnaround makes a natural cure for anxiety without any therapies or medicines. Anxiety is something that comes from within and it is not incurable. It is curable when one has the mind to overcome it. This will power, situations, and tools are provided by Turnaround.

Turnaround anxiety is a story of 6 children getting on for an adventurous trip along with 2 therapies. The program is about the tasks and challenges each child has to face while on the trip and how managed to come out of the tough situations. It is an imaginary or fantasy world that each child with an anxiety disorder can relate themselves with the situations provided. No matter what the cause for their anxiety, the child’s mind is capable of placing themselves in such situations and makes the needed changes in their mind to face their own problems.

How does Turnaround work?

Turnaround is a story that triggers the imagination of the child. It tells a story that is highly interesting to the children and keeps them engaged. With each session being of a short period it does not compel the child to sit for longer.

Each session is 25-30 minutes and at the end, the child will be asked to do some home work. They have to answer a few questions and exercises. There is a total of 10 lessons.

There will be 14 characters in the story with many other additional ones that the child can easily bond to. The child’s mind would be tempted to mimic the actions and scenarios faced by the characters in the story that gradually help him or her to overcome their fear in the real life as well.

Children can relate themselves with these characters. The program is better done in presence of parents to have a better bond between them and it makes it easier for the child. As a parent, you just be the listener rather than getting involved with the conversation. The child might even have some weird conversations as they are imagining them to be the character in the story. So don’t panic, just stick with them.

Turnaround gives some tips and strategies to get over the problem that the child can easily grasp.

The Turnaround anxiety programs available

The standard program is called The Turnaround Program Standard. This pack comes with a kit containing the 10-day program CDs, The Turnaround Journal workbook for the child’s homework, parental guide, Chill Kit with many relaxation exercises and Med FAQs which is a 90-minute session a neuropsychiatrist who discusses anxiety and medications. There would be 10 CDs for each day and the journal contains 74 pages. The relaxation exercises are to be done by the child before bedtime. This will help them get better sleep without any anxiety attacks. This standard Turnaround product comes with a 60-day money back guarantee.

The Turnaround Program Digital is the downloadable digital version. The download includes the 10-day program in mp3 format. There would also be a PDF format Turnaround Journal workbook for the child. This can be printed out and the child needs to do the homework on these sheets. There is a parent guide for the parents and The Chill Kit as the relaxation tool. The relaxation tool is a bunch of exercises the child has to perform each day. This digital version comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. The downloadable version can be viewed on desktops as well as on mobiles.

Turnaround Premium is a combination of the first two programs. It contains both the downloadable version as well as the physical version including the CDs and journal book. The premium pack contains the 10-day program in MP3 format and 10CDs. The Turnaround Journal comes as the 74 paged book and you can download the PDF format online. The parent guide is available in MP3 format as well as in the form of 2 CDs. The Chill Kit also comes as MP3 and CD versions. This premium pack has the 90-day money back guarantee. There is also the Med FAQs with the neuropsychiatrist, with this pack.

The Turnaround Emetophobia Supplement: Emetophobia is the fear of vomiting. This supplement pack is the downloadable version to train the child to get over this problem with anxiety. It teaches the child in the same way as the Turnaround program. This is a 60-minute audio guide with a PDF packet that explains the problem and instructions for a 5-step process for the child to train. There would be illustrations, stories, images, and drawings in the PDF. The method of using these facilities is explained well and the child can use all of these. This program has a 30-day money back guarantee.

The Turnaround Professional pack is meant for the professional therapists to help their clients. This is mainly used by professionals, school counselors etc. The pack includes the Turnaround Program, 5 Turnaround Journals, 5 Chill Kit CDs and 5 Parent Guide CD set that has 2 CDs in each. The professionals can sell the kit separately to different parents. This is a physical program pack that comes with a 60-day money back guarantee. The professionals can use the pack to help with 5 different children at the same time. When they need additional material for their work, they can get the Professional Support pack which is explained below.

Professional Support pack is for the professionals who are already using the Turnaround program. This support pack will provide them with more of the curing materials like extra CDs, journals, and the likes to send with their clients. The support package includes the same material as the professional pack like, 5 Turnaround journals. 5 Chill Kits and 5 Parent guide CDs. This is only the physical program and no downloadable digital version is available with this pack. These extra materials otherwise can cost about $250 is available at just around $150 as the support pack.

Extra Journals is the Turnaround Journal sold separately. The curious siblings who wanted to do the same thing as their brother or sister can use these extra journals. Siblings doing these journals would further encourage the troubled child to do theirs well and stay ahead. This pack can also be used by the schools during their general educations on how to overcome the anxiety problem and how it can be prevented from being a huge trouble for them in future. These extra journals are available only for the US orders.

Med FAQs happens to be a series of interviews with the famous Neuropsychiatrist Dr. James Lee. He answers the most commonly asked questions regarding anxiety, depression, and adult anxiety. The Med FAQs are available separately for the child, teen, and adults. The Child FAQs is a parent guide to medications for anxious children. For the teens, it is again a parent guide for teens with depression and anxiety. For the adults, it is the Guide to medications for individuals struggling with anxiety. All of these are physical CDs and the downloadable version is not available. This is again available only for US orders. The CDs costs only a nominal amount. These products have 30-day money back guarantee.

Distance counseling is the facility to talk to the doctor. The Turnaround customers can contact the doctors at a fee. First, you need to fill up the provided form and get the appointment. The consultation will be done via phone or by videoconferencing. The consultation is available for the parent and the child.

The Turnaround story

The Turnaround story has the main 6 characters that represent the various anxiety forms like separation anxiety, general fears, OCD, social anxiety, a perfectionist and panic attacks. No medical terms are directly used in the story. Over the course, these characters will have to face different scenarios and how they cope with these situations. There are other characters that support these characters and they come handy as helping hands or tools to get out of the problems.

There is also a tour guide who has already done this 10-day trip and 2 doctors who help them with anxiety.

Turnaround anxiety- Is it the better natural cure?

Anxiety is not a disease that needs curing with medicines. It needs a better and stronger mind for the child to cope with. The child needs to win over the problem. In that way, yes, Turnaround anxiety is the better natural cure for anxiety. It is child-friendly and is programmed so that the child is really glued to the concept and accepts the challenges, suggestions, and strategies.

Turnaround anxiety makes the child mentally stronger and more capable of challenging situations further in their life. This is something the medicines cannot do. The medicines can only help them to counter the anxiety not completely erase it.

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