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NexgenBiolabs Phenrx is a weight loss pill, produced and distributed by a US based health supplement manufacturer NexgenBiolabs Inc. It a mix of natural components like caffeine, tyramine, synephrine HCL, dimethyl 4, yohimbine, schizandrol, and PEA.

Planning to lose weight? Then, here is PhenRX by Nexgen Biolabs that offers you appetite suppressant supplements to help you shed those pounds easily. An easy alternative to Phentermine, it is a best-seller in the weight loss field. This is our review.

What is PhenRX weight loss pills?

A thermogenic weight loss supplement, PhenRX is a health supplement manufactured by Nexgen Biolabs Inc. This pharmaceutical company offers different types of products that range from slimming to nootropics to beauty supplements. It is a sister product of another successful weight loss pill called SlenderFruit – 7.

As per the manufacturer’s claims, PhenRX targets

  • Metabolizes the fat on chubby areas
  • increases the metabolic rate and burns fat by the thermogenic process (increasing the heat of the body) without losing the muscle fat
  • Contains 24-hour appetite suppressing ingredient
  • Boosts the overall energy levels
  • Improves the memory, focus and concentration levels
  • A cutting-edge formula, PhenRX offers you quick and effective weight loss.

How does PhenRX by Nexgen Biolabs really work?

Ever noticed that your tummy, thighs, butt etc. are the easiest part to gain body weight? They are also the last place to lose fat. These problem areas are one of the main reasons why people enter weight loss program. Obesity is one of the most popular health conditions dealt by almost any one.

There are many prescription medications, surgeries, and diet programs that promise to help you lose weight. But their results can prove detrimental on the body especially when continued for long-term.

It is one weight loss supplement that has managed to find a place as an effective weight loss pill that works without any dangerous or prolonged side effects. In fact, PhenRX is Nexgen’s best selling diet supplement of 2016.

The company uses powerful potent ingredients that are manufactured in an FDA-registered facility. The ingredients help in increasing the metabolism rate of the body which in turn keeps your energy levels more. As a result, you burn more fat. This is one of the main reasons why many people use this as a pre-workout supplement.

Of course, the benefits don’t stop there. Once your metabolic rate goes up, PhenRX stimulates the thyroid glands that will charge the body’s fat burning mechanisms. This targets the fatty areas of the body especially the arms, tummy, thighs, etc.

Nexgen PhenRX Ingredients

Many customers believe that PhenRX by Nexgen Biolabs can deliver significant slimming effects on the body due to its potent ingredients.

  • Trimethylxanthine – in simple words, pure caffeine, it instantly boosts your energy levels to kickstart your day forward.
  • Beta-Phenylethylamine – better known as PEA, it stimulates the transmitter and improves the mood levels of the user. It is also known to enhance the alertness and focus of the user.
  • Synephrine HCL – controls your appetite and increases the fat burning tendency.
  • N-Dimethyl-4-hydroxyphenylethylamine – promotes the thermogenic process that burns the fat much more effectively.
  • Schizandrol A – a stimulant that lowers the cortisol levels and supports proportionate weight loss.
  • Yohimbe HCL – helps in breaking the lipid fats or other stubborn fat deposits. It is also an excellent herb to increase libido.

Dosage & Directions

The recommended dosage is one capsule before lunch and one before dinner. If you are an advanced user, you can take a third for additional appetite suppression.

NOTE: If you are pregnant, nursing or under any kind of medication, consult your medical practitioner before consuming PhenRX. This product is not recommended for people under 18 years of age.

PhenRX side effects

The product contains caffeine, so it’s obvious that PhenRX is NOT a side effect free pill. While there are many customer testimonials supporting its efficiency in appetite suppression and fat burning process, this diet pill is far from being a perfect weight loss supplement (but then, no diet pill is perfect…!!!)

As a matter of fact, there are consumers who have felt insomnia, jitters, headache etc. after taking PhenRX. These effects are quite common when you are having caffeine and PhenRX is not an exception. If you are not caffeine sensitive, then you need not worry much about these side effects.

However, if side effects prolong or get adverse, discontinue use and consult your medical practitioner immediately.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Promotes excellent weight loss
  • Curbs your appetite as claimed
  • Excellent customer feedback
  • Best selling weight loss supplement of 2016
  • Free shipping anywhere in the USA
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • Contains Caffeine that can cause jittery sensation or crash
  • Bit expensive shipping charges for worldwide charges

PhenRX Weight Loss Pills Reviews

Here are few PhenRX Appetite Suppressant Supplements Reviews/Testimonials from actual users.

  • Floy Lovell – “I love this product because it helps me curb my appetite.”
  • Mace Forester – “There are many phentermine alternatives in the market and trust me I have tried many products. But I really prefer PhenRX. I have been using it for four months now and have lost around 47 lbs. Phentermine may have a slight advantage when it comes to weight loss but then there are no side effects when you use PhenRX.”
  • Sigrid – “There are many appetite suppressants but I must say that it is one of the best that gives me best results every time.”
  • Mary J – “I have been using this supplement for three weeks now and have had major success also. I am just trying to stay lean and drop 5-10lbs. This product has already lowered my 5-7 lbs but I will still continue till I achieve my desired weight. It’s just so easy. I am not hungry as I used to be and the energy level is very strong. The patches leave a rash so I prefer the pills. Other supplements don’t even come close to as effective as PhenRX. Definitely recommended.”

PhenRX Price

One bottle of PhenRX comes with 60 capsules that are available at an economical rate. If you are planning to use for a few months, then we suggest buying more than a single bottle. This way you can not only become eligible for free shipping but also avail of various great promo deals offered by the company.

Current discount programs include

  • 12% OFF on 2-3 items – Savings begin here
  • 16% OFF on 4-5 items – Big Savings + FREE SHIPPING anywhere in the USA
  • 20% OFF on 6+ items – Wholesale price + FREE SHIPPING

Apart from the above plans, the manufacturer offers PhenRX “Ultimate” Stack that offers you a month package deal that consists of PhenRX patches, weight loss drops, and the diet supplement to enable rapid fat burn. This is best suggested for advanced users or for those who are dealing with severe obesity.

Shipping and Returns

The company offers FREE SHIPPING on orders above $100 anywhere in the USA. Nexgen Biolabs also ship worldwide but they do charge shipping fees while sending overseas which needs to be borne by the customers.

Nevertheless, you can use discount coupon codes and avail of regular promo deals offered by the manufacturer to avail of savings.

Nexgen offers a 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE i.e. 30-day return policy. In case you are not happy with the results, simply return the product and you will be reimbursed (minus S&H charges).

Frequently Asked Questions

Where to buy PhenRX online?

The product is currently available at the official PhenRX website – Nexgen Biolabs PLUS also their affiliate sites.

Is PhenRX available for sale on Amazon?

Currently, the product is not available on Amazon, GNC, CVS, Walmart etc. However, it is available on eBay online.

Are there any PhenRX complaints?

Few consumers report that the supplement gives them jitters, insomnia, hyperactive behavior etc. due to the caffeine ingredient. However, this is normal and there are no serious side effects noted so far.

What happens if I overdose myself with PhenRX?

It is always advised to follow the PhenRX instructions i.e. the recommended dosage as provided by the manufacturer. If you overdose yourself, you might notice hyperactivity, excess jitters and restlessness. Discontinue usage and contact your health practitioner. Alternatively, you may skip the dosage for the next day.

Is PhenRX by Nexgen Biolabs available in stores?

No, the product is available only online and can be purchased from the official website.

Are there any PhenRX review forum available?

Amazon offers an open forum where users, sellers, and future buyers can discuss any product including PhenRX.

Comparison chart – PhenRX Vs Phen375 Vs Phentermine Vs Phentabz Vs Xentrafen

Product PhenRX Phentermine  Phen375 Phentabz Xentrafen
Brand Nexgen Biolabs Adipex, Acxion,  Elvenir etc. Phen375 Lexium International Nexgen Biolabs
Ingredients Trimethylxanthine, Beta-Phenylethylamine, Synephrine HCL, N-Dimethyl-4-hydroxyphenylethylamine, Schizandrol A & Yohimbe HCL  


L-Carnitine, Caffeine PowderAnhydrous, Coleus Forskolli Root, Cayenne Pepper, Dendrobium Nobile Extract (from orchids), & Citrus Aurantium 7-Methyltheophylline, Methyl Synephrine HCL, & Octopamine HCL 1,3,7-Trimethylxanthine, Synephrine HCL, N,N-Dimethyltyramine, Schizandrol A, 5-hydroxytryptophan, & Yohimbe HCL.
Side effects Jitters, insomnia, restlessness Restlessness, dizziness, tremor, fatigue etc. Jittery sensation, crashed feeling Dry mouth, sleeplessness Jitters, insomnia, restlessness
Reviews Positive reviews Mixed reviews Good reviews Positive reviews Positive reviews
Price $39.99 $13.99 $65.95 $69.00 $39.99
Count 60 Capsules 60 capsules 30 tablets 60 tablets 60 Capsules
Satisfaction guarantee 30 days N.A. (Being an OTC prescription drug) Within 48 hours of delivery 30 days 30 days

The Final Verdict

PhenRX by Nexgen Biolabs is definitely a hit among customers. In fact, there are many testimonials and reviews from users who vouch that the product works best than any other cheap diet pills or drops in the market. Of course, there are mild reactions to the ingredient caffeine but then it doesn’t last long. As a matter of fact, there are many users who did not find any side effects and have lost weight easily.

To sum it up, if you are looking for a weight loss supplement, then PhenRX can definitely be one of the options for you.

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