How Does the Kansa Wand Work?

Ayurvedic Experience Kansa Face & Body Wand – Stress Reliever

Kansa body wands is a wonderful stress buster which can be used by everyone. The healing kansa face and body wand comes with healing techniques that actually works. It is hence called as the “Healing Metal”.

Kansa Wands are domed Ayurvedic magic wands that feature the prominent metal – Kansa made using sacred bronze that was recognized in India. This dome-shaped tool can be used on face, shoulders, knees, or just any other part of the body to relieve you from stress, improve the energy levels, enhance blood and oxygen flow, and leave your skin glowing.

What is Kansa Wand?

Kansa Wand is a dome shaped tool that comes with a key metal made using high-quality copper and tin. Pronounced “cuns”, the Kansa Wand has been part of the traditional healing system in India.

Ayurvedic treatment has been practiced for more than thousands of years to promote a sense of wellness and balance the doshas. A hand-carved wooden handle holds the domed metal that is used in areas such as face, shoulders, neck, foot etc. with moderate pressure or delicate stroking.

Using essential oils helps the wand glide through the skin more efficiently thus providing a warm and relaxing sensation.

The Ayurveda Experience is a company that has carved a niche for itself by delivering high-quality products at a budget-friendly rate. The company ships worldwide with many of its consumers from the USA who love the products of The Ayurveda Experience.

What is the graying effect of Kansa body & face Wand?

There are many users who claim that their skin turns grey when they use the Kansa massage. The main reason for the graying effect is acidity. The acidity in your body reacts with the metal and creates a grey color to the skin. However, there is no need to panic. It is actually a positive action as the Kansa Wand are eliminating the excess toxins from the body. The copper and tin increases energy and flushes out any unwanted elements respectively.

How does the Kansa Wand really work?

The smooth metal tends to heat up when it is massaged into the skin. This, in turn, improves the blood and oxygen circulation thus reversing your age.

Another advantage of the Kansa Wand is the electrical conductivity of the sacred metal blend that explains how this therapy enhances the body’s electrical balancing system. These tools that are used in India not only increase strength but also harmonize the energy levels while eliminating stress.

Regular use benefits your body by

  • Reawaken the beauty in your innermost skin
  • Gently lifts the facial skin by restoring its lost elasticity and firmness
  • Reduces any facial pain, head ache or tension
  • Has the ability to reduce acidity
  • Detoxifies the entire body by flushing out unwanted toxins
  • Heals the mind, body, and spirit naturally

How to use Ayurvedic Experince Kansa Wand

The curved body allows for different types of grip. Always use a quality organic oil that will support the Kansa Wand to improve your skin tone. Using good essential oil allows the blood and oxygen to flow freely.

Start out with clean skin. Take few drops of essential oil and apply all over your face. Always begin with the right side of your face and then move on to the left side and end it back at the forehead.

Begin by rubbing the Kansa Wand gently around in circular motions to get it warmed up. Start in the middle of the forehead which is the key energy center. Make circular motions, work on back and forth to release the tension in the forehead. Pay attention to the eyebrows, temples, under the eyes etc. Slowly move on to the TMJ, cheekbones using small circular strokes following larger circles. Within few minutes, you will notice that the skin becomes little rosy due to blood flow circulation.

Using this massage wand also cools and soothes the eyes, clears any sinus problem and helps you to breathe easily without any congestion.

The chin area relates to the heart, hence massaging the chin area improves the blood circulation around the body.

It usually takes around 15-20 minutes to complete your facial massage. But then if you are planning for a back massage, shoulder or neck, it takes around 45 minutes to one hour.

Longer body massage sessions increase the connection of your body with mind and de-stresses your mind. It also enhances your energy levels. In fact, massaging the feet is one of the most traditionally used therapy with Kansa Wands. It helps in balancing the three doshas thus calming the entire body imbalance.

Kansa Wand side effects

Without a doubt, a healthy massage can rejuvenate your skin. However, too much of vigorous strokes will result in side effects such as swelling or reddening of the skin. Even dermatitis or any other delayed skin issues may also arise. Try using this product at night. It is better advised to avoid using it before any important events.

Always see how your skin reacts with the Kansa Wand and only then make it a routine.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Pros side

  • No electrical wires or batteries
  • Lightweight and long lasting
  • Easy to use with any essential oil
  • Calms down the whole nervous system
  • Relaxes the tensed muscles
  • Relieves your body from stress or fatigue
  • Helps you to relax the entire body and alleviate any chronic pain
  • Improves your concentration level and focus
  • Enhances the blood circulation in the body
  • Flushes out unwanted toxins and improves the function of liver and digestive system

Con side

  • Vigorous strokes can cause swelling or reddening of skin

Products available

Kansa Wands are available in different types specific for your body areas – face, foot, body etc.

  • Kansa Vataki Foot Wand – specifically designed for the feet, this impressive tool glides smoothly along your feet and puts you in a deep state of relaxation.
  • Personal Face Wand – a lightweight product, use it for 20 minutes every day and get rid of migraine headaches.
  • Kansa Marma tool – this inverted “T” shaped tool is used to correct the reflexology and address the Marma points in the body.
  • Super Saver Kansa Wands Pack – the best Kansa Wands kit for rejuvenating your entire body. It consists of a face wand (small), face & body wand (medium), and a Foot wand (large).

There are many products available at The Ayurveda Experience. These metal massage wands are available in combo kit to bring back the vitality and youthfulness of your skin and body.

Kansa healing wand reviews

It can be difficult writing for a product that has received only positive reviews from users. Kansa Bronze Wand has drawn a lot of attention over the years and received positive responses from users. There are many who have tried this product and claim that it works just as described. There are no adverse reactions. As a matter of fact, they have noticed an improvement in their overall health.

When combined with an essential oil such as Kumkumadi oil, the results have been dramatic. They notice that the skin is much tighter and firmer with any pain in wrists, shoulder, neck gone post use of this bronze wand. It also works to relax the muscles, improve the mood levels, and get rid of tensions and unwanted worries.

An Amazon user says in her experience that purchasing from The Ayurveda Experience ensures the best quality & make exceptional results, helpful instructions, all at the best price.

Kansa Wand Testimonials

“I am having a facial rejuvenated acupuncture done with Kansa Wand massage. Simply love the after effect of this natural wand.”

“I am an Esthetician. This is a fantastic tool to add to my customized facials.”

“I love my bronze wand. Within three times of usage, I started noticing the change in my skin texture and firmness of the skin. Simply wow…I will be ordering more.”

“I just wish I could post the before and after photo after using Kansa Wands. Within 2 treatments, my facial skin has changed. This is the best thing I could own.”

Kansa Wand price & Sale

The Ayurveda Experience itself offers a discount from the actual Kansa Wand price. They also offer several body care kits that include Kansa Wand making your purchase worth every penny you pay.

The price might seem a bit expensive but then good things don’t come cheap. The quality of the Kansa Wand is pretty amazing and cannot be stressed enough. It is clearly visible in the testimonials/reviews available all over the internet.

The company ships worldwide irrespective of the region. Free shipping is currently not available. If you want a further discount on your product, you can avail of coupon codes through which you can become eligible for great savings on your desired product.

Kansa Wand manufacturer offers you 100% satisfaction guarantee which is the 30-day return policy. If you do not find any improvement, simply return the product within 30 days from the date of delivery and you will be reimbursed (minus the shipping charges).

How to clean your Kansa massage tool

Since the Kansa metal is extremely sensitive due to the electro-conductivity feature, it should be cleaned with absolute care.

When you receive the product, it is necessary to clean it using non-abrasive and non-chemical soap. This ensures that there are no manufacturing residues left on the wand.

Alternatively, you can use sterilized organic clay. Mix the clay with water to form a paste. Now apply it to the metal cup. Wipe it clean using a damp cloth. Apply a drop of tea tree oil. Wipe the wand before using again to remove the tea tree oil.


  • Do not use hot water. Use only tepid or cool water.
  • Do not use anything harsh to scrub the wand.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where to buy Kansa Wand online?

There are many websites that offer Kansa Wands such as Amazon, eBay etc. However, these massage wands from The Ayurveda Experience is best purchased from the official website or their retailers that navigate you straight to the official website. This saves you from getting ripped off by purchasing duplicate Kansa Wands.

The Final Verdict

Customers are more aware nowadays of what exactly works on their body. Many people are switching to natural remedies and Kansa Wand is definitely grabbing attention for its holistic features. Everyday issues such as migraine headaches, anxiety, stress, or body pain and so on can be easily healed using Kansa Wand making it a safe alternative to prescription drugs. Even premature aging and its symptoms can be repaired using Kansa Wands.

An all-natural product at a great price, Kansa Wands are definitely becoming a hit for those who are looking for an answer to healthy and stress-free life.

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