Nolah Mattresses

Nolah mattress is pressure relieving mattress made of memory foam and latex layers.The foam used here are innovative that has better aeration than the usual ones.

Better and quality sleep can do wonders to the body within no time. One of the huge benefits of quality sleep is increased energy in the body. The body needs rest and that ‘rest’ does some repair works to help you wake up with more energy.

What you need for quality sleep is a comfortable mattress. This comfortable mattress could be Nolah mattress that is made to help you get the maximum console. Made carefully with cooling and pressure relieving layers, Nolah mattresses have better durability than most other mattresses in the market. Let us find out what are the features of this mattress that can help you get better sleep and better energy to start your daily life.

Features of Nolah mattress

Nolah mattress is pressure relieving mattress made of memory foam and latex layers. The foam used here are innovative that has better aeration than the usual ones. Nolah creates this AirFoam with advanced technology to have better air circulation through the mattress and make it cooler.

Nolah mattresses are 10 inches thick with 3 layers. The topmost layer is the Airform that is 2 inches in thickness. This layer is more sensitive to the body temperature and contours to it for maximum comfort. The air circulation through this layer keeps you cooler with less heat on the mattress surface.

The second layer is the supportive layer that is 1 inch thick. This supportive layer is made of durable Avena foam that is better than latex. This material has been the best alternative to latex as it has more durability. This is hypoallergenic and stands better than latex. It also has reduced compression over the period of usage.

The bottom layer is the dense base foam that is 7 inches thick. This high-density foam supports the upper layers and the body weight to make a firm base support.

The covering material covers all 3 layers. The covering material is soft and keeps you cool. The material can wick the moisture away from the surface and dissipate it through the mattress.

Sleep and energy

Sleep does the wonderful thing of restoration to the body. A rested and well-restored body will have better energy production and circulation. It helps in the healing process and supplies energy to the brain. The initial stages of sleep recharge the brain batteries to work for the rest of the active hours of the day. When you lack enough sleep, it affects the overall biological functions and leaves you with less energy and enthusiasm to cruise through the day. Though sleep does not make way for MORE energy, it definitely makes good use of the available energy in a better and useful manner.

Mattress, sleep, and energy

The mattress is an essential commodities for sleep. While mattress has been just a platform to sleep in the early years, it is now part of the luxury and extreme comfort to make the perfect place for getting quality sleep. A quality mattress alleviates all sorts of irritating physical factors that keep you from sleep.

A mattress can make a comfortable place for sleep with its fluffiness or firmness, pressure relieving tactics, enough bounciness, not sinking you into the mattress but providing ample cradling effect etc. Each mattress is unique in its own way and makes you get better sleep and gain better energy. Let’s see how or what factors in Nolah mattress that leads to better sleep and energy.

Sleep and energy improving features in Nolah mattress

  • Airfoam provides the needed pressure relief and n even sleeping place. It is less poky and does not succumb to lumpiness as in the case of other mattresses. The foam does not sink too much and is just enough to give the right kind of pressure support for each body part. The less pressure leaves the body muscles relaxes and making it easy to fall asleep.
  • Nolah mattress is a personalized mattress according to the body weight. The mattress itself contours to the body shape leaving the perfect cradle for each and everyone. The inner layer provides the bounciness and makes the turning easier in the sleep. This will not disturb you in the sleep and is a perfect companion.
  • The cooling effects of the mattress layers as well as the covering material regulates the mattress temperature. It does not warm up the mattress too much to make you sweaty. Night sweating can be a huge hindrance for sleep and with Nolah mattress you have one worry, less.
  • Durability of Nolah mattress is another high point for better sleep. All mattresses have an expiry period and the Nolah mattress has an extended expiry period than other memory foam mattresses. The foam used here has more durability than the normal latex mattresses and can stay the same for a long time. It is not ready to disturb your sleep anytime sooner and you can have assured quality sleep unless there is any other pressing problem.
  • The Avena foam used here is hypoallergenic and there are no threats for any allergic reactions.

Other benefits of Nolah mattresses

Nolah mattresses are available in all sizes from twin, twin XL, full, queen, king and Cal king. All the mattresses are of 10 inches thickness. The mattresses are all eligible for free shipping so you pay only for the mattress.

The Nolah mattresses come with an extended trial period lasting for 120-nights. You pay for the mattress, use it for an extended period of 120 nights to see if it is THE mattress for you or not. If not, you can return the mattress anytime within the 120 days from the day of delivery. All mattresses also have 15-years of warranty against manufacturing defects.

You can try the Nolah mattress without worrying and with your money deposited in safety. If you end up realizing you have made a mistake, you will get your money refunded.

Why Nolah mattress for energy?

You might find other mattresses that have the same comfort as the Nolah mattress. What you don’t get from other mattresses is the chance to be environment friendly and to adopt a wild animal. You don’t get to adopt a wild animal every day. Here, you pay for the Nolah mattress, choose an animal or bird of your choice to adopt and contribute to the protection of that one creature of its species. You don’t have to look after them. You pay and they will look after the animal for you.

Not only do you get a quality sleep and better energy, you will also get to provide for the energy for another living being. The trial period is your security and you are free to return it if unsatisfied.

Moreover, Nolah mattresses are among the economical mattresses that can soothe the body to a comfort able sleep. The mattresses are also made to look perfect with luxury materials and there is no compromise on the finesse.

Bottom Line

When looking to have better energy in the morning, you need to have a mattress that lets you conserve the body energy by getting good sleep and rest. Rather than tossing and turning, you need a quality and sustaining sleep for a few hours to get the right effects.

Get a Nolah mattress, go to sleep at the same time and wake up at the exact same time for a week or 2 to reset your biological clock. Your body will do the rest of the work. You can wake up with an energized body than ever before.

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