Axon Optics FL-41 Tinted Contact Lenses & Migraine Glasses

The Axon Optics FL-41 tinted migraine relief glasses and lenses are anti-glare glasses which can be used to block undesirable light both indoors and outdoors. Its unique technology filters out the harsh light and has been clinically shown to reduce both the frequency and severity of migraines.

Migraine headaches cause severe pain in heads that makes near impossible to do the normal daily routine. They can affect both sides of your head, but many times they affect only one side. Migraines are not just head pain but typically accompanied by various symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, and increased sensitivity to lights, sounds, and smells. They cause pain for several hours or even days.

One way to reduce the number of migraines attacks and their severity is wearing Axon Optics migraine glasses, lenses and sunglasses to protect your eyes from the light. The topmost migraine triggers are light sensitivity, and Axon Optics migraine glasses and lenses focus on light sensitivity. Buy Lenses or Glasses for Migraine from Axon Optics, a leader in therapeutic lenses designed to reduce photosensitivity in migraine sufferers. Keep reading to know more about Axon Optics For Migraine, Technology, Products, Axon Optics Reviews and More.

Glance In the Researches

As per the study from U.K. Researchers, people who suffer from migraines are more likely to be sensitive to the effects of bright light and loud sound even when not experiencing headache symptoms.

Researchers from the John A Moran Eye Center at the University Of Utah Health Sciences Center conducted a review of photophobia treatments. They found FL-41 lenses to be effective in alleviating migraine pain and frequency as well as overall light sensitivity in people with photophobia. They suggest people with a migraine are particularly sensitive to light with specific wavelengths. FL-41 lenses help reduce migraine symptoms by filtering out these wavelengths from the light spectrum.

Studies have shown that people wearing FL-41 glasses experienced the number of migraine attacks drop from over 6 episodes per month to fewer than 2 episodes per month.

Based on these and several other studies, Axon Optics took an opportunity to produce lenses, glasses, and sunglasses for people to get relief with Migraine.

Axon Optics For Migraine

Axon Optics provides relief to people who suffer from photosensitive/ photophobia (an abnormal sensitivity to light) migraines. A many migraine headache sufferers deal with vision problems and sensitivity to light. This is where Axon Optics For Migraine glasses and sunglasses will help you with. Light causes pain and these lenses will obstruct that painful light and offer you better comfort. Read more to Buy Lenses Or Glasses For Migraine.

FL-41 Tinted Glasses For Migraine

Axon Optic’s Spectrashield FL-41 Tinted Glasses block the light that may trigger migraine & light sensitivity. Axon Optics created the Spectrashield FL-41 glasses technology to provide natural relief to people suffering from headaches and general light sensitivity. The FL-41 lenses have shown to block the light which exacerbates migraines, allowing users to enjoy outdoors and bright sunlights without suffering from migraine symptoms.

Axon Optic’s Spectrashield FL-41 lenses is a specially designed rose-colored light that filters the painful light which may aggravate migraines and other light sensitive conditions. The FL-41 lenses are suitable for most type of eyeglasses (both prescription and non-prescription). The company also offers FL-41 contact lenses. Wearing FL-41 tinted lenses reduces both the frequency and severity of migraines.

Some Benefits of FL-41 Tinted Glasses by Axon Optics are

  • It offers UV protection and Anti-reflective coating to eliminate glare
  • It is available in both Indoor and Outdoor shades of tint to help suit every need
  • These are Non-Invasive Lenses that causes No Side Effects.

Buy Axon Optics Glasses For Migraine

One latest research indicates that there are separate pathways between the eye and the brain, wherein one is for vision and another causes pain. However, for some people, this pathway is hypersensitive and may exacerbate pain even under normal lights. This results in migraine headaches, light sensitivity (photophobia), or other light sensitive conditions. Migraine glasses are meant to help people in this situation. Axon Optics Glasses For Migraine blocks the light that triggers pain.

Special glasses with precision tinted lenses also known as migraine glasses reduce the amount of painful light entering the eye. Clinical studies show that this has helped people in reducing the frequency and severity of migraine attacks.

Axon Optics, based on the above mentioned latest research developed the SpectraShield FL-41 migraine glasses lens. These lenses are helpful at reducing exposure to certain types of artificial light, particularly blue light and green light. These lights may exacerbate light sensitivity in people who suffer from migraines.

Axon Optics Migraine Glasses are available with or without an eyeglass prescription. Plus, both indoor migraine glasses and outdoor migraine sunglasses are available options. Prices start from $149.00. different frame colors are available – black-Matte, Brown/Tan, Red, Tortoise and more.

Axon Optics Migraine Glasses Features

  • Premium Optical Coating – Migraine Glasses and Lenses include a premium optical coating to protect against smudges, fingerprints, debris, and scratches. This premium coating is included at no additional cost for non-prescription lenses. However, for prescription lenses, this coating will be included for an additional $60.
  • Lenses Options – The two different tint densities options are available – Indoor, which is lighter; and Outdoor, which is darker. Transitions lenses have an indoor tint when inside a building or car, but turn dark when in the sun. These lenses offer industry standard UVA and UVB protection.
  • Prescription Glasses – All Axon Optics Glasses For Migraine frames can be fitted with your prescription. Just select the perfect prescription option and fill out the prescription form. Please note that Axon Optics only processes single vision and readers’ prescriptions. For bifocal, trifocal, progressives, or complex prescriptions you will need to visit your eye care practitioner.
  • Lens Color – The actual color of your lenses may look different than those displayed on the website because photos may distort colors. For this reason, you may also notice a difference in the color of your another pair from a previous order or another pair from the same order. However, you can rest assured, though the tint may appear different, its efficacy remains the same.


  • Jura – Jura frame is best suitable for both women and men. This classic frame shape is popular since the 1950s and is one of the lighter styles options. The 54mm lens is large for light coverage while the spring hinges make it suitable to wear by both smaller and larger faces. Available in 3 color options: brown, black and red.
  • Airplex – The Airplex is a super “airy” frame with attractive acetate rims. The spring hinges and round arms make this frame fit comfortable on everyone. In addition, soft rubber which keeps them stable covers the earpieces. The lenses are tall for better light coverage and are available in two colors – black and tortoise.
  • Other Products include – Maddi, Vescent Migraine Glasses, Dalliance, Art Deco Curve, Skye Flex, Flex Curve and more.

Customer Reviews

You will find impressive Axon Optics Reviews from its users. People say to Buy Lenses or Glasses for Migraine from Axon Optics is the best decision of their life to relieve migraine pain. Some people mention to drop using migraine medicine and replace it with these glasses. People say it made them feel less tired, eyes feel better, and have fewer headaches. Few say though they are expensive people with migraine will do anything to seek relief.

  • Kathleen says these glasses are great and now her eyes would not constrict to light. In wearing the Jura glasses for just an hour have subsided headaches.
  • Erin says the Jura Glasses have really helped in preventing migraines and providing relief.
  • Sarah says her Airplex glasses are cute, light and above all tinted perfectly. They work great for a headache and migraine days.

Buy Axon Optics Soft Contact Lenses For Migraine

The 365-Day Axon Optics Soft Contact Lens for Migraine & Light Sensitivity is of high-quality and is FDA-cleared. They remain useful for a year before requiring replacement. The lenses are custom-made and so they are non-refundable.

Axon makes contact lenses with or without visual correction. However, they require a contact-lens-specific prescription as it is necessary to measure the topography of the eye so that the lens is made in the correct shape. It offers corrections to +/- 20 spheres and 2.75 cylinders.

These lenses are 14 mm in diameter. The average human cornea is 11 mm in diameter. A soft contact lens normally overlaps the cornea by about 1.5mm on each side. This Soft Contact Lens for Migraine costs you $365. The two versions of the soft contact lens are available, based on the color of your eyes.

  • For Brown Eyes – A fully-tinted lens is apt that covers both the iris and pupil, approximately 11 millimeters wide tint area. This makes the brown color of your iris into a warmer shade of brown.
  • For lighter eye colors (Blue, Hazel, Green, or Grey) – For a Light Eyes pupil-only tint is available that is 7 millimeters wide. This may overlap with some of the colored iris as your pupil contracts and expands. This is a great option to evade an eye color change, as the redness of the tint may make your iris appear unnaturally violet or reddish in color.

Axon Optics Migraine Glasses Customer Reviews

Soft Contact Lens for Migraine & Light Sensitivity from Axon has got amazing positive reviews. People say the contacts are fantastic and have helped them greatly improve their lifestyle. Some people say the contact lens is not noticeable on most eyes from far away but seen at a closer look.

  • Airell says this product is amazing and really helped with a migraine. If you suffer from headaches due to prolong the wear of glasses, then this is definitely a must try.
  • Thomas says this is the best investment so far. Initially, he was slightly skeptical to help his severe chronic migraines, but he says it is a miracle. It works great and is 100% worth try. He can now turn on lights in the house, move outside freely and all these without dying from pain. He was suffering a lot for years and thanks, Axon to give a chance to do whatever he wants.

Axon Optics Return Policy and Warranty

You can return glasses in new condition within 30 days of receipt for a full refund, less shipping costs. The prescription glasses and contact lenses are customs made, so they cannot be refunded but can be redone for 50% of the original price within 90 days of original purchase. All frames and lenses come with one-year warranty.


Axon Optics For Migraine is certainly recommended for people with light sensitivity and migraine problems. It works for about 90% of users who suffer from light sensitivity which often occurs to fluorescent light. The best place to Buy Axon Optics Lenses or Glasses for Migraine is from their official website It is not available in retail stores, so place your online order today and experience the migraine relief.

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