Corporativo is an innovative product that can enhance the sociability in the corporate world. You need to make an impression in the corporate world to move forward.

Alpha Dream is a pheromone making company that produces pheromone products for men, women, and unisex pheromones. They make others, ‘like’ you in the way you intended them to. It works to attract people of the opposite gender and can also be beneficial for creating trust and attachment in others that help you in your office or at work.

Pheromones work differently with the intention. There are separate pheromones for sexual attraction and that working for the work purpose or socialization. Usually, there are gender based pheromones but here you will see the unisex pheromone products that can help you invoke social acceptability for you in any field.

What are pheromones?

Pheromones are chemicals produced by our body that has a slight smell that we cannot catch easily. This scent is caught by the subconscious mind of others and is very subtle. These chemicals works like a magical potion that can make others attracted to you or not liked by them.

When we talk about ‘chemistry’ between people, we are actually hinting to these ‘chemicals named pheromones’. Pheromones are caught by the subconscious sensory that can attract love, confidence, trust etc in others. The right kind of pheromones will get you the right reactions from others.

At the same time, pheromones are gender specific for the sexual attraction. The socializing pheromones are unisex chemicals that can work for both men and women.

The need for Alpha Dream pheromones

Pheromones are produced by certain organs named Vomeronasal Organ. These chemicals are important for any kind of interaction between humans. As we clean ourselves with scrubs and soaps, we are eliminating these pheromones from our skin surface. This reduces the overall amount of them.

We need to reiterate them on our body to have the right kind of attraction. This is where the Alpha Dream pheromones come into the picture. You may use your favorite soap and scent and with a dash of these synthetic pheromones, you can stay confident and trustworthy and all natural. It works like the natural pheromones.
Let’s see what have we got here that can boost the confidence and trust that works for you in helping you be a sociable person.

Benefits of pheromones for increasing social status

  • It can make you popular among others
  • It improves your social life completely and increases your sociability quotient
  • Projects a positive vibe of friendliness
  • It increases communications with others
  • It can increase the level or conversations to a deeper level, much more than hi, hello and bye.

Glace- Unisex Social Enhancement

If you are a shy person, then the Glace pheromone is meant for you. It can increase your confidence naturally with the positive reactions from others; it can make the negativity into positivity around you and make you less nervous. Glace can make people not to shy away from you and make them more talkative towards you.

Glace pheromones have the effect on people that make them happier and friendlier. It is definitely the boost that you need in your social life to have you more friends and make the life easier.


Glace pheromones are unscented and silicone based. The silicone base makes it stick to the body for longer and provides longer lasting benefits.

It comes in a small bottle that is 36 ml capacity. A single bottle is enough to last for up to 230 sprays. It comes in a stylish bottle with Italian design.


There are 6 components in each Glace bottle. The ingredients make up for 18 mg of the contents inside. It is made in cyclomethicone and alcohol base. It contains

  • Decamethylcyclopentasiloxane
  • Ultra-low viscosity dimethylpolysiloxane
  • Anhydrous ethanol
  • Alpha androstenol
  • Beta-androstanol
  • Beta-androstenol
  • Estratetraenol
  • Androstenone


Apply 3-5 sprays onto the clean skin. Apply it on the key pulsating areas of the body like neck, inner wrist area etc. It works better in the areas where the body heat is more in comparison. It enhances the effects of the formula and makes it spread faster. The coverage is a 10ft radius of the wearer. The effects start immediately within a minute and last for about 6 hours.

Corporativo- Professional Image Enhancer

Corporativo is an innovative product that can enhance the sociability in the corporate world. You need to make an impression in the corporate world to move forward. When you are not confident enough and would still want others to take notice of you, these Corporativo pheromones is the secret savior.


The objective of this product is to improve the psychological response in others in the corporate office. It can ease the tense, uncertain and hostile kind of reactions from others in your favor. This will help others to truly like you and be at ease with you. It works for men and women and promotes a better fluid communication for them and makes the office a better place for them. It can really open some gates for a new office that you thought as different.

Each bottle contains 36 ml and lasts for about 230 sprays. It comes in an Italian stylish bottle.


Corporativo is made of 8 different components and 5 unique pheromones. The contents made up for 19.7 mg. there are,

  • Decamethylcyclopentasiloxane
  • Ultra-low viscosity dimethylpolysiloxane
  • Anhydrous ethanol
  • Androstanone
  • Androstenone
  • Epiandrosterone
  • Dehydroepiandrosterone
  • Sodium sulfate
  • Alpha-androstenol
  • Dehydrosoandrosterone
  • Androstadienone


Apply 2-3 sprays on the pulsating point like the neck, under the wrist area etc. Rub it slightly to heat it up. Apply it only on a clean and dry skin. The effects can radiate to about 10ft radius of the wearer. The effects start immediately within as low as 7 seconds. Within a minute, you can see full effects. the effects can last for up to 6 hours.

Things to know when using pheromones

Start low with pheromones. Do not use full dose from day 1. Apply just one spray, minimal amount on day 1 and increase it slowly. This will give you better response and people would also adjust to the scent slowly.

Be realistic and do not expect a dramatic change from others. Pheromones are no magical potion that can work for you instantly. People react differently to pheromones. Since Glace and Corporativo are socializing pheromones, it will have similar responses from all, but the intensity may still vary from person to person.

Pheromones cannot turn hate into love, but can certainly urge people to see you differently than before.


Alpha Dream products Glace and Corpotativo are to improve your social skills. They can help you gain confidence by improving others’ response towards you and it has no direct involvement in easing your anxiety. If you are anxious, you are anxious. These products can do nothing about that. It is the response from others that can ease you.

You can buy these products from Alpha-Dream directly. You may even get some discounts with the help of discount coupons and codes online. Choose wise, use wisely. Have a happier and better social life!

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